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Review of Kelty Camping Chairs - Mesh Back Camp Chair - KE67AR

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Kelty Camping Chairs - Mesh Back Camp Chair - KE67AR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with, today we're going to take a quick look at this Kelty mesh back camp chair, this is, like most of your camp chairs, very easy to compact, so you can carry it along with you out to the camp site or to a sporting event so that you can, just enough to keep yourself up off the ground, so it's a little bit more comfortable for you. The way this is different from most of the camp chairs that we have on our site, is that it does have this mesh back here, so you can see the front is a solid material, the back is a solid material and the upper back is, but the lower back in that seat are going to be that mesh, so it's gonna help keep you cool on those hot summer days, this chair is, does have a steel spring to it, and so it's gonna be very sturdy and durable, it does have a weight capacity of 350 pounds, I'm a very large individual, I'm about six foot three and close about 280 before the holidays, so this chair is going to support my weight just fine, but it's only about 12 inches up to where this attaches to the front, so it is gonna be very low, it's gonna be kind of difficult to get out of, if you're a little bit, if you have difficult time getting out of chairs regularly, this is gonna be probably even more difficult for you, I found that I have to kind of cross my legs and then push up to get up and out of it, so it is gonna be a very low chair, so keep that in mind, if that's gonna be a problem for you, you probably wanna look at some of our other options, this does have the adjustable arms on the back here, so, you can see what the buckles on the back, we're able to raise and lower those arms, so if we pull down, it's going to allow us a lower arm, and if we pull that, back up, it's going to lock out in place so that we have a higher arm rest there. Our cup holder is built into the arm rest on our right side, this does have this kind of insulated edging to it, so it's gonna help keep our cold drinks cool, and our warm drinks warm, on the bottom it does have a mesh bottom so that condensation is not gonna build up, you do also have this adjustable sleeve kind of thing here, so if you have a really large drink you can put that in there, pretty much the whole compartment, or if you've got smaller bottles or something like that, you can easily fit more than one in there to accommodate different size beverages. Now when you're going to pack up after your camp trip or at the end of the game, very easy to just compact that together, and then unlike most of your camp chairs that have the a long bag, that you have to try and wiggle the chair into, this is gonna have this padded carry wrap, so it opens up, and you can see it just has this little sleeve or pocket down at the bottom there, so it's gonna be very easy for us to put our chairs feet in there, and then we'll be able to wrap the rest of this around, so it's gonna be much easier to pack up, then we've got these buckles here, so we can very easily snap those in place, like so, these can be adjusted so if you wanna tighten them down a little bit or loosen them up, you can do that. Now we've got two handles, one at the top one at the bottom so we can easily carry it like so if we need to, or we also have the shoulder strap, so we can throw this over our shoulder, carry at longer distances, this is a padded shoulder strap, so it's gonna be a little bit more comfortable for us to carry along the way, then when we get to where we're going we can easily undo those buckles, pull the chair out, and very easy to set up, and this padded wrap, they can lay flat, so they do, I recommend you could use it as a floor mat or a dog mat just to provide a little bit of a barrier between yourself or your pet and the cold hard ground. So like I said, this is going to have a nice weight capacity, even for larger individuals like myself, the main issue I see with it is the low height, the reason they have such a low height so that you can be closer to the campfire, get that warmth, make your smores and that sort of thing, and so if you're at an outdoor event, you're gonna be lower so other people can see over you easier, so, there is a purpose for it, but I know sometimes it can be difficult for some folks to get up out of low seats like this.

So make sure that you're getting the right camp chair for you from your situation, we do have other options available, different color schemes, different height settings, and those sorts of things, as far as color scheme goes, this is the teal and brown color scheme, we do have other options available here at not all of them are the mesh vacuum like that, though still, if you like that mesh, this might be the way to go for you, and like I said, it is very comfortable, does have kind of a reclined feel to it, so, if I put this to the side view, you can kind of see it's not straight up and down, it's got a little bit of a lean to it, so it is gonna be very comfortable as you're sitting in it, it's just that height of getting up in and out, that could be a determining factor for you. So that's going to complete our look for today, again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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