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Review of Kelty Camping Chairs - Light Blue Camp Seat - KE87AR

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Kelty Camping Chairs - Light Blue Camp Seat - KE87AR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at these Kelty camp seats. These are gonna be a great option for when you go out camping or to the beach, or even to a sports match. If you're gonna be sitting on outdoor bleachers, these are gonna be a great option to bring along with you, kind of cushion your seat a little bit, and make it a lot more comfortable for you. And they do provide the back support. So rather than having to keep yourself upright, you'll be able to kind of rest, lean back against that back support.

So it's gonna be a lot more comfortable for you. Now you can see, we do have two different colors here. So this one is going to be our teal. Kelty calls it a Deep Lake and Fallen Rock combo. So you can kind of see the color scheme there.

We also have our light blue, which Kelsey calls a Tapestry and Canyon Brown color. So these are exactly the same, just different colors. You can pick which one you prefer, color-scheme wise, using those part numbers that you see on the screen there. But they're both gonna do a great job of giving you that padded foam. So if I zoom in a little bit here, you'll be able to see, we have this fabric here.

That's going to be very easy to brush the sand off of and that sort of thing. And it is gonna provide that nice, probably I'd say about a quarter-inch thick foam. That's gonna help keep the cold bleachers off of you and also to help give you that extra padding if you're sitting on a hard surface at the campsite or something along those lines. It does fold very easy, very compact, very convenient to take along with you. And you've got these handles on both ends, so it's gonna hold it together like so.

It's extremely lightweight, so it's not gonna add much to your backpack if you're gonna take it out on a hike or anything like that. And you can see it does have these straps with the buckles so that we can adjust the recline for them. Now, these don't have any stated weight limit, but I'm a very big guy, I'm about six foot three, 290 pounds. And when I sit in these, I think I'm kind of pushing them to their max because I'm not gonna be able to adjust this angle very much. It's not really gonna let me recline. It won't support my weight back there. But if I pull these straps in kind of to a 90-degree angle there, that gives me plenty of support so that I can kind of lean back and have that backrest there for me. Now if I pick my legs up, it's going to cause it to kind of collapse. But if I'm just sitting there at a football game or something like that, having my weight pushing down on that bottom seat is gonna help support that back with these straps. So keep that in mind. It might not be a great option for everyone. If you're a bigger person like myself, you might not be able to recline very much. But for lighter folks, that recline functionality might work a lot better for you. If we're going over our measurements here. One thing that I was noticing just then as I was sitting in the chair, our width here is right about 21 inches. So I did feel that kind of in my sides a little bit. It wasn't uncomfortable for me. But keep that in mind if you are a larger person, that might be into your sides a little bit. The height of the back here, it's right about 19 inches. And I definitely feel this when I was sitting in it, I've kind of feel it in my upper back and I'm leaning against it, and this is pulling in a little bit. Again, wasn't uncomfortable, but I wasn't sitting in it for a long period of time. So something to keep in mind there. It is just gonna be a small padding for you to make that, see it a little bit more comfortable. It'll give you a little bit of back support when you're outside on the trail or at the game. It's not gonna be super firm. It's not gonna be like a camp chair. It's just gonna be a seat for you, so keep that in mind. If you are looking for a little extra padding, very easy to take along with you as you're going out and about. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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