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Review of Kats Heaters Vehicle Heaters - Fluid Injection Starter - KH33200

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Kats Heaters Vehicle Heaters - Fluid Injection Starter - KH33200 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at this Kat's Heaters, 12 volt universal ether start automatic fluid injection system. Now this automatic fluid injection system will give you a nice fast, reliable start-ups in cold weather by injecting ether into the intake manifold. All you have to do is just turn your ignition on to inject the ether fuel into the manifold. As you can see, this is designed to hold a 18 ounce ether fuel cylinder. Now the fuel cylinder is not included, you would have to supply that, and this does connect to 12 volt battery for power.

Now the kit will include everything laid out here on the table. We'll start with this fuel cylinder mounting plate with the clamps and the hardware, the actuator valve assembly with the cycling switch, up here, we got the surface-mount thermostat. It also comes with four different-sized spray nozzles to work with any size engine. We have five feet of nylon tubing and then 12 feet of 16-gauge wire with terminals for connections. It is an automatic activation when you turn the ignition on, there's no need to push a button, pull a cable, or have another person spray fluid as you turn the key.

The thermostat, this will ensure that the system will only activate when outside temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The ether won't be wasted in conditions that don't require its use. And there's no over-injection, the actuating valve meters out five to six ccs of ether for each use to prevent engine overload. The spray nozzle with the built-in filter will vaporize the ether, prevents manifold flashback, and this is energy efficient to preserve your battery power. It will require only 6.5 volts to operate.

And as we mentioned, you just connect it to your 12 volt battery for power. It's a very simple installation, no need to drill into the cab to install a button or a knob for activation, comes with a set of instructions that'll describe how this installs. It is virtually maintenance free, you just change out the fuel cylinder when it's empty. This part is made in the USA. Specs again, the application is for gas and diesel vehicles with an engine size of 1.6 liter and larger.

But that should do it for the review on this Kat's Heaters, 12 volt universal ether start automatic fluid injection system..

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