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Review of K Source Towing Mirrors - GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado Snap-On Tow Mirrors - KS99NQ

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K Source Towing Mirrors - GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado Snap-On Tow Mirrors - KS99NQ Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this K-Source Snap and Zap, snap-on custom towing mirror set. These towing mirrors are going to snap over the back of your factory side view mirrors to help extend your line of sight. These are going to help give you an expanded view of the road and your trailer as you're towing. So this will allow you to safely and easily change lanes, pass other vehicles and park. These mirrors do have kind of a unique shape to them, but they're right about 6 inches tall and 3 and a quarter of an inch wide.

They do manually adjust so that you can get the correct viewing angle for you. And make sure that you're keeping an eye on your trailer. This is a custom design that's going to match the contours of the existing mirrors on your 2015 and newer GMC Canyon or Chevrolet Colorado. Because these are designed to match your existing mirrors that's gonna help prevent vibration and wind noise. It's also going to help provide a more secure fit on your vehicle.

Now, one thing to keep in mind, these will not fit with your OEM extendable mirrors, but as long as you have those standard, non-extendable mirrors, these are going to do a great job of fitting in place. They're also going to retain the use of your factory mirror features, such as turn signals, puddle lamps, LED spotlights, and your blind spot detection system camera, all of that is still going to be functional with these installed. It's not going to obstruct your factory mirror's face. It's not going to interfere with any of your adjustments to your factory mirror. So very easy to just snap on, keep an eye on your trailer, kind of extend your sight out and around while still using your factory mirrors.

This super easy to get installed. You're not gonna need any tools to install or to remove. There's no hardware required. It's gonna be very easy. These have built-in mounting clips that grab on the inside edges of your factory mirrors.

The bottom tabs can be pushed in to remove the mirrors for storage in your garage or if you're pulling into tight fitting spaces, that sort of thing, you can easily remove them. These are an OE grade quality, so they are gonna hold up really well for you. They have flat glass here that's gonna give you a nice, clear image with the reflective chrome on the front glass. The flat lens is going to give you a nice, true representation of the object size behind you. So you'll have a good idea when changing lanes, how close other vehicles are and that sort of thing. These do have a black plastic housing that's gonna provide a nice, clean look and resist rust and corrosion. You're also going to get this dual chamber cloth storage bag that's gonna make it very easy to store the mirrors inside here when you're not towing, when you wanna just have your factory mirrors. Again, dual chamber, so one for each mirror, driver's side and passenger side. And so you can keep them separated, but still in one bag. So you can easily store that away when you're not towing. This is FMVSS approved, so you can trust it's gonna hold up well, do what you need it to do and be safe for you as you're going down the road. Our overall length here is about 13 and 1 quarter of an inch. So it is gonna fit right in place on your factory mirrors and give you that little extra on the outsides that you have that better viewing angle. So overall, really nice option here, super simple to get installed. Unlike some of your other mirrors that require a kind of adjustments with the tightening straps and all sorts of other adjustments that you have to do to get them put in place, because these are a custom fit that's gonna be super simple to get them installed when you're towing, and then just as easy to remove them when you want to go back to your factory look. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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