Review of K Source Replacement Mirrors - Replacement Standard Mirror - KS63046H

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K Source Replacement Mirrors - Replacement Standard Mirror - KS63046H Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and stay. We're taking a quick look at the K source replacement side mirror. This is going to be a direct replacement for your driver's side mirror and this is a custom fit for the 2009 through 2015 Honda Pilot. So it's going to have the same features as your original mirror. It's going to have that built in side-marker light.

We'll be able to adjust our mirror face remotely from our controls on the inside of our Honda Pilot, and it's also still going to have the memory function. All that is utilized through this plug here, so you'll plug in your factory wiring right into there and then be able to utilize all those functions. One caveat with that, if you didn't already have remote capability or the turn signal or the memory function in your Honda Pilot, this isn't going to upgrade you.You're not going to get anything that you didn't already have with that, so just keep that in mind there. It is going to be at a match for that footprint though. As you can see, we'll have our three studs here that are going to line up and match up with the original placement of your mirror, so should be a really easy install.

It looks exactly like that original mirror for you again, so easy way to replace a broken or damaged mirror. It is going to have flat glass, so that's going to be typical for our driver's side mirrors. It's going to have a true representation of whatever's behind us so we can make our turns and change lanes safely as we're going down the road.Also on here it looks like we have new hardware, so there'll be these flange nuts to tighten our mirror down, so not only does it have the same studs, it'll also have the matching lock nuts to get that installed. So pretty straightforward, no cutting or drilling, no splicing required with this. It's going to have a durable plastic housing to match with your mirror.

Again, this is going to be the driver's side. If you need the passenger side, that's also available here at using part number KS63045H. But that's pretty much going to do it for our look at the K source replacement side mirror with that turn signal and memory function. Hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right one for you and thanks for watching.

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