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K Source Replacement Mirrors - Replacement Standard Mirror - KS62788G Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a quick look at the K-Source replacement side mirror. Now this is going to be a direct replacement for that mirror on your vehicle and this is a custom fit for the 2012-2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback and the 2012-2020, or the current, Chevrolet Sonic sedan. This is going to be a manually operated mirror, so you see we'll have our little joystick there to adjust that mirror surface. We can get our mirror adjusted to eliminate any kind of blind spots. This is going to be the driver's side mirror, but you can also find the passenger side mirror here at using part number KS62787G.

This is going to have a flat lens, so it's going to give you a true representation of whatever's behind you, so there's no distortion to that mirror face typical for the driver's side.The cover for that housing can be painted to match your vehicle. It's easiest to do this whenever the cover is off or whenever it's removed. That way you're not going to have to worry about taping this up to eliminating kind of over-spray, but if you do have to pop that on there, you just want to make sure that you do tape it up nice and neat so that you're not getting any over spray on the rest of the mirror, especially on the housing or the actual mirror face. Once that cover is popped in place it's pretty hard to get that back off without cracking or breaking it, so I'd definitely suggest painting that before you put that on there.It is going to be made of a durable plastic, which should match the exact contour of your vehicle, should have the same footprint as your original mirror, and it does come with replacement hardware. So we'll get new bolts to fasten this down, so there's no drilling required with this, should just match right up to your factory mounting holes.One last thing I want to point out with this mirror is that it does have a breakaway design.

So if you happen to be parked on a narrow street you can fold that mirror in against your vehicle or if anything should strike it, it'll fold in against your vehicle. Pull this over, it's kind of hard to do when it's not mounted to anything, but bear with me for a second. This one's being kind of difficult, but it will fold in against your vehicle right there at that seam, it'll fold in flat and make your profile and your vehicle a little bit narrower.That's pretty much going to do it for our look at the K-Source replacement side mirror for the driver's side. Again, if you need a passenger side mirror for the same year range and with that manual remote operation, that is going to be product number KS62787G. Thanks for watching..

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