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K Source Replacement Mirrors - Replacement Standard Mirror - KS61206F Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with each Today we're going to take a quick look at the K-Source Replacement Side View Mirror.This is going to replace the driver's side factory mirror on your 1998 through 2004 Ford F150. That is a pretty broad range. It may not fit all makes and models or packages within that year range, so I would encourage you to come to You can type in your year, make, and model of your vehicle, and our fit guide will help direct you to the correct mirror for you, whether that's this one or perhaps a different one.But this is going to be modeled after the manufacturer's original look and fit, so you're really not going to be able to tell that it is a replacement mirror.

It's going to look like it came with your vehicle right from the factory, so you don't have to worry about your truck looking like it's pieced together from scrapyard parts or anything like that. It's going to all blend in well together.This does have the power remote capability so you can adjust the mirror face position with the factory power controls inside your vehicle. You can see on the side here, we also have our red LED arrow that's going to light up when we turn on our turn signal. That is made of the high-intensity Muth LEDs, so they're going to be brighter than your standard turn signals. So those people that are beside you when you're trying to get into the next lane will be able to see more clearly that you are indicating that you're going to get over.Overall, this is a nice high quality OE-grade material, so it's going to be the same materials as your original.

We've got a flat mirror here that's going to give us a true representation of the objects behind us. It's got the chrome-plated front so that we get that nice clear reflection. It does have the breakaway design, so if we we're to bump into a pole or the side of our garage or something like that, the mirror is going to fold in on itself to try and help minimize any sort of damage to the mirror itself. But this is a very durable plastic housing here, so shouldn't have to worry about too much damage. It's going to do a good job for us.

This back cover here can actually be painted to match your vehicle color if you prefer that, just again, to make it more integrated into the look of your vehicle so that it all looks seamless. You're not going to be able to tell that it's a replacement.As far as the installation, it's going to be extremely simple. We've got the same footprint and plugin as our original, so it's really going to be as simple as removing the old one, putting this one on it in its place and plugging it in, and we're going to be ready to go. Keep in mind those mirror functions, the adjusting the face with the factory power controls and your turn signal there, are only going to work if your vehicle already has those capabilities. So if the original mirror could do it, you'll be able to regain those functionalities with this mirror, but it will not add those functionalities to a vehicle that is not already equipped with it.For those of you who do like the details, this is an original, or it meets the specifications for the original equipment number that you see on the screen there.

This is just the driver's side. If you're looking for the passenger side as well, we also have that here You can find it using the part number that you see on the screen there.This does come with a 90-day warranty from K-Source, so it's nice to know they stand behind their product. If you get it, and it's not what you wanted, or when you're installing it something goes wrong, you can check with them and they will help you out to make sure that it is the product that you need and it's going to do a good job for you. It's nice to have that peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their products.That's going to complete our look at the K-Source Replacement Side View Mirror. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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