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Review of K Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap-On Mirror - KS80930

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K Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap-On Mirror - KS80930 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the K-Source Driver's and Passenger Side Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirrors. Now, these parts are a custom fit part, they are designed to fit the 2019 and newer Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra 1500 trucks. And, on custom fit part like this, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use the fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show if this will work for your application.Now, these towing mirrors will snap over the backs of your factory side view mirrors to extend your line of sight. It gives you a nice expanded view of the road and your trailer, allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass and even park. They are a manually adjustable mirror face that'll let you customize your view. And this custom design on the mirrors will match the contours of your existing mirrors, helps prevent vibration and wind noise, provides a nice secure fit to your vehicle.

You can see it even has the cutouts so you can see the turn signal on your factory mirror.Now, these add on mirrors will not obstruct factory mirrors, will not interfere with your adjustments to your factory mirrors. The glass on these they use is an OE grade flat glass, has a first surface plating that reflects clear images. Front of the glass is plated with reflective chrome and it is a flat lens, so it does reflect the true representation of the object size that's in the mirror. To install these, it's a very easy tool for installation and removal, no hardware required. Has these built-in clips, two at the top and a large one at the bottom.What you do when you go to install these, these two at the top, you just put those over the top of the mirror and it grabs the inside edges of your factory mirrors.

Push the mirror down and this large bottom tab, when you push it far enough, it'll snap right into place. And also what's very nice, you can just pull down on this, pull it off, so it's very easy to install, very easy to remove if you're going to put them for garage storage or fitting into tight parking spaces.Now, if the mirror happens to become loose, there is an adjustment screw at the bottom here, behind the mirror, that you can make on the mirror. Right here, if you look up through this hole, there's a Phillips screw that you can tighten to tighten it up so it's not loose anymore, on both mirrors it's like that. Now, if you notice, these are in a nice black plastic housing, provides a nice clean look, resists rust and corrosion. The driver's and the passenger's side mirrors are included, even includes this nice large storage bag to carry them.These mirrors are Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard approved.

The specs on them, overall length is 15 and a half inches. The mirror measurement, itself, the width is about three and a half inches. The height of the mirror is five inches tall. And again, to install them, you just take these two clips, put it over the inside edge of the mirror, push it down until this will clip and lock into place. To remove it, just pull down on this, raise it right up, very simple.Once you've removed them and you just don't need them at the minute, they do have this nice storage bag with a nice divider, so when you put both in there, they are separated so they don't scratch.

So what you can actually do, let me just show you, I'll slide one in the bottom of the bag and then at the top we'll slide one on top of the divider, all the way in. And again, that divider protects them so they don't scratch each other. Pull your drawstring's closed and you're ready to go. Carry these, store them, keep them clean, very nice bag. But that should do it for the review on the K-Source Driver's, Passenger Side Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirrors.

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