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K Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Full Replacement Mirror - KS60199-00C Review

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Review of K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS60199-00C

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the K-Source driver's and passenger side electric custom flip out towing mirrors with power fold heat and turn signals. Now these mirrors are a custom fit part. They are designed to fit the 2012 and newer Dodge Ram and Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks. And on a custom fit part I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll show if this will for your application.Now these are extendible towing mirrors that will replace the factory side view mirrors on your vehicle. They have the flip out heads on them which make it very easy to see around the sides of your trailer so that you can safely change lanes, pass, and park. As you can see, you just rotate the mirrors away from your vehicle and that extends your line of sight by about four inches.

And then when you're done towing, you just push the mirrors right back into place.They do offer the power mirror adjustment for the large mirror to let you change your mirror face position with the factory control inside your vehicle. Now the very end mirror, the smaller mirror, that's a built-in spotter mirror that will reduce blind spots. Now that you do have to adjust manually with your hand. The glass on this, it's a heated mirror glass which will clear frost and ice, reduce fogging. On the back here or right on the end, you'll see this amber light.

This will flash when your turn signal's activated. This does offer power folding which allows you to fold the mirror by using a control inside your vehicle. And the mirror will also fold when it's struck to prevent any breakage.On the bottom it has puddle lamps right here. These will eliminate the area under your mirror. Next to it has an ambient temperature sensor which will measure the temperature of the outside air and sends readings to your vehicle's temperature gauge.

It is a hinge design so it does allow you fold the mirrors up against the vehicle for parking or for fitting into tight spaces.If you notice the mirror is in a nice durable plastic housing, has a nice textured black finish to it. They are custom fit for your vehicle. They are a simple, no drill installation. If I turn this around here you can see. Has the same footprint and mounting points as your factory mirrors and the mirrors do plug into your existing electrical wiring.Now this does include both the driver's side and passenger side mirrors.

Few dimensions on just the mirror I'm going to measure the mirror face, the width of it including the spotter mirror is right at 11 inches. Height on it is right at seven inches. The width on just the spotter mirrors is about three inches.Now overall length from here to here sticking out is about 18 inches when it's rotated in. When you rotate it out, you gain that four inches. It's about 22 inches.Now these two mirrors will replace the original equipment part number 68285870AC and 68258571AD. Couple notes on these mirrors, the power remote capability, heated glass power folding function, turn signal, puddle light, and the ambient temperature sensor of these mirrors will work only if your vehicle already has those functions. And also these mirrors do not support the memory function.But that should do it for the review on the K-Source driver's and passenger side electric custom flip out towing mirrors with the power fold heat, and turn signals.

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