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Review of Jensen Boat Accessories - Electronics - JHD916BT

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Jensen Boat Accessories - Electronics - JHD916BT Review

Today we're taking a look at a Jensen Heavy Duty Marine Stereo. Now this stereo system plays audio for radio signals and devices connected through Bluetooth, USB inputs or an auxiliary cord. Neck less design eliminates the moving parts associated with the cd or a DVD player. This does feature Bluetooth capabilities, so that provides hands free calling from your smartphone. You got your accept and drop button up here for phone calls.It does feature iPhone and iPod control and charging via the USB port. So down here you'll notice all the connections we have.

This one right here is our USB port. All the connections come with caps that go over and that will keep dirt and moisture away from the connection points. Now it does feature a completely weatherproof design. I do want to point out that it has this padded face here. So it has this rubber trim that goes around the perimeter, just gives it a very heavy duty feel really nice.

It's got powder coating on it, so it's going to resist rust and corrosion, and again it is rated to be completely weatherproof.Now I know there is a lot of wires down here but basically, what it boils down to is a two wire design or two wire connection, and that's specifically designed to prevent battery drain and allows retention of the settings. It also features a built in job site work timer as well as a 30 day clock longevity after the battery is disconnected for any reason. We are going to go over the connection points real quick and then we'll go over some more features of the unit. So I'm just going to start on the end right here. This connection point is for your SiriusXM connection.

Now, they're all labeled, so I'm going to go over them with you. We already hit this one, this is your USB.Next we have this port right here, just looks like a standard audio jack. Then we have our bundle. So this black wire right here runs to this port, which is the, let me get to the tag, that's your headphone out connection point. Then we have microphone connection.

Then these gray wires right here, these are the line out connection points red and white, which usually indicate left and right audio, auxiliary in, again it's the RCA connections there, left and right. Then we're back to our bundle here. So we have the main wiring, harness the units fuse protected. You notice we have a blue wire, this is the promote.Then we have this black wire with like a silver tip, that's our Bluetooth antenna, and we have all of our individual wires here. So we have our left speaker negative. We have ground right speaker negative, last speaker positive, 12 volt DC and then right speaker positive. Again basically, it's a two wire design. You have your power input and you have your ground connection, and then everything else is your speakers and all the other inputs, and outputs that it has to offer. Does come with auxiliary cable here, so it's just a standard audio jack. It comes with brackets and it comes with hardware.Again, multiple connection points let you link other devices to the stereo features, the AMF and tuner with programmable presets to let you scan through previously saved stations. A weather band keeps you informed on weather alerts. I think it's a seven channel design. SiriusXM capability gives you access to even more stations. It's a nice compact unit, lets you mount the stereo in and out of the way, plays multiple mounting options include, front flush mount rear flush mount or surface mount installation. Has a nice easy to read LCD display that shows the time and current activated functions. That's a heavy duty construction with an internal conform all-coded circuit board.Performance testing stands up to extreme climates, RV travel and disruptive electrical signals. IPX6 compliant. It's ASTMB117 compliant and ASTMD4329 compliant. Again, pretty simple installation 9 bracket and hardware included, and another neat feature is that all of those wires, I know looking at this bundle can be overwhelming but all of those wires are all labeled for easy connecting.Now when it comes to the dimensions of the unit let's try to go in this direction, gives us a measurement about five and three sixteenths. Bottom to top is about three and three eighths. Very front the very back is about two and three eighths deep. This is a 12 volt DC system, knows all the buttons we have here. Also, there is another input here on the front, that's an auxiliary in Jack. All the buttons right here, I'm just going to show you the quick start guide that it comes with. This is our quick reference guide, that these buttons do multiple things, so you might be able to press one of the buttons twice to switch it to a different function.It does come with this quick reference guide which walks you through what the buttons do and what they're capable of doing depending on how you use them. That's a front and back design. So a lot of different settings to go over on this unit. That's gonna do it for today's, look at the Jensen Heavy Duty Marine Stereo.

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