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Jensen RV TV STDJTV2815DC Review

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Review of Jensen Accessories and Parts STDJTV2815DC

Today we're going to be taking a look at the tabletop stand for a Jensen 28 inch LED television. This is designed specifically for use with model GTV2815DC. It's going to be an exact match up and fit for that particular television. On the bottom, we're going to have these rubber feet. These are going to provide a really nice grip. It's going to keep the base from moving or sliding.

And the base itself is glass. That's not plastic, that is glass. Then this upright stand is a plastic mount. The units black in color. Has a really nice to look to it, really nice shine. Take a look at some of the overall dimensions real quick.

Starting with edge to edge going this direction. The units going to give us a measure of about 12 and a half inches wide. Front to back the mount is going to measure about seven inches deep. And then the overall height from the mounting surface to the top of this plastic upright mount, that height is about four and three quarters of an inch to five inches tall. That's going to do it for today's look at the tabletop stand for the Jensen 28 inch LED TV.