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JR Products Propane - Tees - 37207-30195 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the JR Products Propane T-fitting with hand wheel. This is going to allow us to connect two propane powered appliances to our LP gas cylinder. Let's take a closer look at it. We've got two different kinds of connections here.

We've got our POL connection, which is going to attach to the gas cylinder valve. It's got these threads here that are going to thread onto the internal threads of our gas cylinder. We do have the hand wheel here. That's going to make it easier to tighten down. Just keep in mind, because we are threading into the inner threads, we are going to have to tighten counterclockwise and loosen clockwise, so that might be a little bit counterintuitive to those of us in either righty tighty, lefty loosey method.

There is a diagram on the back there to make it easier for us.It's really not going to be very difficult at all. You're not going to need any tools or anything. A handrail makes it very easy to get it threaded on. You can see that rubber O ring at the tip of our POL connection. That's going to help create a nice tight seal within our cylinder valve to make sure there's no gas leaks.

And this is pretty standard, almost all of your cylinders are going to have the threading on the inside that will work with this POL fitting.Our other connections are both a male number 600 or sometimes called a 1"-20, or a disposable cylinder port. These are going to allow you to connect a hose up to run out to your a small appliance, whatever it is that you're wanting to hook up to your tank. These do have check valves in there to make sure that if the hose is not connected, the gas will not flow through there so you won't have any gas leaks there, but they also include these caps to make sure that everything is extra secure and to give a visual peace of mind to see that everything is closed off there so that you can trust that there is no gas leaks, no gas flowing through the balance there.Keep in mind, this is designed for LP gas use only, so don't use any other kind of gases or water or anything like that. Of course, LP stands for liquid propane, so again, don't use any other kinds of gases with this fitting. That's going to complete our look at the JR Products Propane T-Fitting with hand wheel..

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