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Review of Hopkins Wiring HM48470

Today were going to review part number HM48470. This is the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow seven, five and four-way flat trailer connector for the vehicle end. This heavy duty trailer connector socket right here has an outlet for the seven way right here, has an outlet for a five way flat and a four-way flat that can be plugged in right down there. Both of these outlets have the weather-proofed insulated lids to help cover the terminals. You can see this one has a very strong reinforced lid. On the inside has the internal seals for alternate weatherproofing.

This lid also has the seals in there. They do open 180 degrees on both of them for easier connections of your terminals. It also has this nice large rugged oversized hinge which will hold up very well. Now, this part number does include everything shown here, the connector, the mounting bracket, the rear cover that covers your connections on the back, a couple packets of terminal grease and the mounting hardware to mount it to the mounting bracket. So basically when you install this you just mount your mounting bracket to wherever you need to on your vehicle and then you would just line this up.

The four holes right here will line up with the four on the back and then you will use the mounting hardware. Put the screws through here and the nuts back here to tighten it down. Once you get it installed then you can run your wire through here thats on your vehicle and out here, make your connections and then basically this cover will just snap on. You just push it in and it will lock right into place, just like that and then youre ready to go. Now, I do also want to mention that sometimes it gets confusing on the very bottom.

We show a total of five terminals, so when you have five-way flat, like this one pictured here, the trailer will have the four open terminals and then the one ground terminal thats in rubber, all you would have to do is on this one, the ground would be the exposed terminal right here, so you just line the ground up with the housing and you just it in like that and thats how you make your connection, very simple. What gets confusing is sometimes people say, Well, if I have a four-way flat and theres five holes, what happens Its pretty much just the same way. What you would do is, I have an example here of a Hopkins heres a four-way. It has three terminals and then the ground thats coated in rubber. Same way, you just line the ground up, push this in and then three of the holes will line up.

The other hole on the very end would stay open. That causes no problem at all. So you can hook up a five-way flat or a four-way flat in that bottom terminal.That should do it for the review on part number HM48470, the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow seven, five and four-way flat trailer connector for the vehicle end. .

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