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Hopkins Wiring - Wiring Adapters - HM47390 Review

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Review of Hopkins Wiring HM47390

Today, we're going to review part number HM47390. This is the Hopkins Endurance Flex 7-Way to 4-Way or 5-Way Flat Trailer Connector Adapter with the LED Circuit Tester. Now, this adapter will convert your 7-way blade style vehicle and connector to a 4-way or 5-way flat trailer connector. Uses a integrated circuit tester right here as the red LEDs, and these are light up to let you know when the wiring is functioning properly. In between the two is a nice, flexible wire. This provides a larger range of motion for more convenient hook up than with your standard adapters. On the 7-way, you can see has a nice, large easy pull grip design to make the installing and removing the plug there easy, and also on your 4-way or 5-way, you can see it does have the finger grips right here built in that does the same thing. It allows you to push it in easily or remove it easily.

It has a built-in dusk cover, which helps you when you're not using the 4 or 5-way, and put the dusk cover on and that'll protect those terminals from any corrosion or from any damage. Now, this part also includes a nice dielectric grease packet, and what's nice there is any time you do a electrical connection, you should put a little dielectric grease on those connection points to keep the terminals from any corrosion. Now, the distance of this flexible wire between the two adapters is 5 inches, and again the way you would do this is you can plug this into the 7-way on your vehicle and then what you might want to do is once you plug this into your 7-way in your vehicle, you can activate your lighting system. If you're going to use it as . As you can see it, there's five connectors. Sometimes, people will say, "Well, I got a 4-way." You can still use a 4-way trailer and connector on this. You just won't use the end one. The end one is for brake or reverse backup connection. Basically, what these lights are going to show you is you'll notice above the lights, the one on the very ends has BK for backup.

The one next to it says RT for right turn and brake. Next one says LT for left turn and brake, and the very end one is the tail lights and then the exposure when these are ground all the time. What you want to do is when you plug this into your 7-way on your vehicle, if you activate your lighting, what will happen is when you turn on your tail lights, you'll see this light right here on the end will light up. When you turn on your right turn or the left turn, the next one to that will light up. When you turn on your right, the next one to that will light up. When you apply your brakes, both of those right turn and left turn will light up because they're on the same circuit. If you're using it as a 5-way when you put it in reverse, this end one should light up. Now, if you're using it as a 4-way, of course you won't use that end one, but it gives you a good idea.

Make sure it's functioning before you're hooking it up to your trailer and using it. That should do it for the review on part number HM47390, the Hopkins Endurance Flex 7-Way to 4-Way or 5-Way Flat Trailer Connector Adapter with the LED Circuit Tester. .

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