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Hopkins Vehicle Organizer - Seat Console - HM75103 Review

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Review of Hopkins Vehicle Organizer HM75103

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HM75103. This is the Hopkins Go Gear Interior Cargo Organizer. If you need help keeping things organized in your vehicle this is going to be a great solution for you. This is a full-size cargo organizer. It's going to be perfect for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and backseat organization. It's going to feature a rigid structure.

It actually has these hard plastic sliders that slide into the customized slot. It's going to allow the organizer to have structure, maintain its shape, and that's where the rigid construction comes from. When this isn't in use or if you need more space in your vehicle you can actually remove those panels. There's going to be one located on each side. The whole thing will collapse that way you can easily store it, get it out of the way, create more space, or you can just store it when it's not in use and just pull it out when you need it. Here on the bottom it's going to feature a non-skid surface that way it's going to hold the console firmly in place, it's not going to be sliding around.

Also on the back it's got a strap that way you can loop it around the hooks that are right at the crease of the seat, or you can find a good, secure place to loop that strap around that way, again, it's another way to ensure that the organizer isn't going to slide around if you need to come to a sudden stop or if you make a sharp curve, turn, or whatever. Right here you're going to have the large adjustable storage area. You can have up to three separate compartments or you can undo the hook and loop fasteners and then whatever divider you don't want to use you can lay flat that way it'll allow you to customize the storage space that you want. Again, you can have three separate compartments, one big one, one big one, one small one, whatever is best going to suit your application and your needs. Here up front you're going to have three smaller pockets. These are going to be perfect for holding smaller things such as cell phones, PDAs, and MP3s.

You also have the mesh pockets that go around here. You've got two up front. You also have this pocket right here. Then you're going to have pockets all along the sides. It's going to be perfect for just throwing some gear in there.

It's also going to come with a five disc CD or DVD holder, and that conveniently stores in one of those larger side pouches as well. When it comes to the dimensions of the unit, here at the front it's going to give us a width of about thirteen and a half inches, up here at the top that width is going to be a little bit closer, outer edge to outer edge, of about fifteen inches. The length that we have, or the depth that we have is going to give us a measurement of right around fourteen and a half inches, and then the overall height is going to be right around nine inches. Another great advantage to having this unit, it's going to have an elastic pocket here at the back. When you don't want to use that back compartment, or let's say you have something valuable in there like a tablet or something, if you're out of your vehicle for the day you can close the top over and it's going to work as a lid and it's going to keep whatever is back in that back compartment safe and secure. Nobody's going to be able to see what's in there. Then when you're ready to use it, under the hook and loop fastener, fold it back and then it exposes that rear compartment again. That's going to do it for our review of part number HM75103. This is the Hopkins Go Gear Interior Cargo Organizer. .

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