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Hopkins Emergency Supplies - Emergency Kit - WNTR2-EH Review

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Review of Hopkins Emergency Supplies WNTR2-EH

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at a winter road safety kit. Now, this kit provides tools and supplies for winter safety while on the road. They're a great to keep in your vehicle for those situations that you can't predict are going to happen.This unit comes with these GripTrax plates. These are designed to supply traction for your tires when you're stuck in the snow. Two of them are included. You simply place a plate under the drive wheel to create a solid driving platform.

These are constructed of ultra sturdy, durable ABS plastic. They're bright yellow in color, which makes them highly visible, so you don't accidentally forget them or leave them behind. Each one measures 8 inches wide by 25 inches long.This kit also includes this component right here. This is your ice scraper with the snow brush. This lets you clear ice and snow from your vehicle's windshield and other windows.

The built-in control grip, like here we have the nice grip design. This is a foam grip. It's very comfortable to use. Then, you have the actual blade, and then, you have a control grip. What that is, is it provides another grip option for your hand, so you can grab here, and grab here.

It gives you a little bit more leverage while still protecting your hand, which makes it easier to get the ice off of your windshield. That's a really nice design to get some extra leverage and power to break through thicker ice. Again, the foam grip, is very comfortable when it comes to operating the ice scraper.This box right here, is a windshield cover. This keep snow and ice from building up on your windshield. Quick and easy installation, just lay it over the windshield and wrap the elastic around the side mirrors and secure with the hooks, and the hooks secure by placing them inside the vehicle.

It's got the built-in side pockets, which provides coverage for your side mirrors. This cover measures 73 inches long by 40 inches tall.The kit also includes an LED safety flare, which alerts motorists of a roadside emergency. It features an LED system, so bright LEDs last for up to 50 hours. It has five lights patterns, so you just push the button here in the center to change between all the different light patterns. You have your area light. Then, you have a rotating light. Blinking. You have flashing. Then, you have the 12 LED light, which is a constant on light. Really nice, easy to use power button in the center. Also, on the back, it has a swivel hook, as well as, a magnet, which allow for hands free use. Durable plastic construction. It's got rubber-like material around it, so it's safeguarded. It runs off three triple A batteries, which are included.That's going to do it for today's look at the winter road safety kit.

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