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Hopkins Emergency Supplies - Emergency Kit - HM15285 Review

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Review of Hopkins Emergency Supplies HM15285

Today, we'll be reviewing the part number HM15285, this is the Hopkins winter emergency kit. Contains the essentials that we need for winter emergencies and it's going to help us be prepared in case we get lost or trapped in the snow. Has this nice little storage container that will conveniently fit in the small spaces whether it's under your seat, in your truck or in a drawer or a cabinet at home. It's about 9 inches in length, about 3.25 inches in length, about 7.5 inches tall. It's a nice little bag that will conveniently fit wherever you need it to. Now, we'll go ahead and open it up and go over some of the contents of this pack. We have a nice fleece hat along with a pair of gloves.

We have seven cable ties, a utility knife with a snap off blade. Up here, we have a 16 piece first aid kit including bandages, gauze, medical tape and antiseptic wipes. We have an adjustable 6 inch inaudible 01:28 wrench, an emergency blanket. We have nice manually charged LED light with a hand crank. It's really nice in emergencies because no batteries are needed.

We have two disposable hand warmers, a little set of matches, a red fluorescent glow stick and a nice little whistle with a compass into the top of it. All of this fits nicely back into our storage kit. That way, we can easily access the contents that we need to and we can store away the things that we don't need to use or vice versa. We can just grab what we need to and be ready to get on our way. That's going to complete today's review of the Hopkins winter emergency kit, part number HM15285. .

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