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Highland Vehicle Organizer - Organizer Bag - 1931900 Review

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Review of Highland Vehicle Organizer 1931900

Today we're going to be reviewing part number 1931900. This is the Highland Premium Collapsible Tote. This is going to provide a handy way to transport goods to and from your vehicle. It's going to feature two integrated carrying handles. The top of the bag is going to seal with the included hook and loop fastener. Real quick before I shut that I just want to show you the opening size of the bag.

It's a nice, lightweight material. It feels like a nylon construction. Then you can see you have plenty of room on the inside of the bag to store your goods. Then you can just use it like a little tote bag, use the handles to carry it around, throw it over your shoulder, whatever works best for you. To secure the top of the bag shut all you have to do is run the hook and loop fastener through and then place it back on top of itself. That's going to keep the top of the bag in that cinched or closed position.

It's going to include two exterior pockets, that's going to be these little zippered compartments down here. You can keep things in there that you need to access often. Those are accessible when the tote is in this position or in a folded position, which I'll show you here in a moment. You can also use the straps right here to hand it up out of the way for alternate storage. Again, that's when it's in the open position, or you can use the hook and loop fastener to store it up and out of the way.

This does zip shut for easy and convenient storage inside your vehicle or keeping it in a drawer at home. All you have to do is fold the tote into itself, zip it shut, and now it's nice and compact. You still have access to those two zippered compartments, one on each side of the bag when it's in that closed or folded position. The dimension, in this position, it's only going to give us a measurement of about six and a half inches wide by nine and a half inches long. When it was in the open position it's about fourteen inches long by six inches wide by fifteen inches tall. It's a nice black color.

That's going to do it for our review of part number 1931900. This is the Highland Premium Collapsible Tote. .

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