Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch - Custom Fit Hitch - 60849 Review

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Review of Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch 60849

Today we'll be reviewing part #60849. This is the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver with Drawbar. It is custom fit, so to see if it's going to fit your specific year, make, and model, you can refer to the vehicle list on the bottom of the product page. This is a Class I hitch, so the opening is going to be 1-1/4" x 1-1/4". It also has the tab towards the back of the shank, or the receiver opening. That tab is located on the inside of the receiver tube.

That means that it is only going to allow for Class I accessories only. The custom fit trailer hitch is going to let you tow a trailer, carry a bike rack or cargo carrier with your vehicle. It comes from a fully molded steel construction that is going to insure strength and durability. It is a bolt-on install: no welding is required. It does come complete with all the hardware and installation instructions that you need. We also provide lifetime technical support from the experts at etrailer.com.

Both pieces - the hitch and the drawbar - have a really nice black powder coat finish that covers the e-coat base for superior rust protection. This is our draw bar. The pin and clip - it's a 1/2" pin - those are all included, so everything you see here is what comes with the hitch. I want to focus just a few moments on the drawbar. The drawbar is going to give us a drawbar thickness, about 1/2". When choosing the hitch ball, you want to make sure that it does not exceed the diameter of the ball hole, which for this draw bar is going to measure 3/4".

If we measure from the center of the hitch ball hole to the center of our hitch pin hole, we're going to get a measurement of 6-3/4". The distance from the center of the hitch pin hold to the rear of the shank is 1-1/2". Its going to fit just perfect in that Class I hitch. That tab is not going to be an issue, like we talked about. You can use the 1/2" pin and clip to secure this inside the hitch. That pin and clip is a really simple install.

It fits right in there. To get focused back on here, a couple measurements that I want to go over on our hitch. The distance from the center of hitch pin hole to our receiver tube opening is going to measure 2". We do have the two mount holes on top. These are the ones you're going to have to drill out for. From center to center, they measure 5-1/4 ". The way this system works, is you raise the hitch into position, then you use the carriage bowl, the lock, conical tooth washer, and the hex nut, and the mounting hole at the rear of the hitch. You secure that one in first, then you need to remove the bottom of your fascia 00:02:57 screws to allow for drill access, so you can drill your two 1/2" holes 5-1/4" on mark, from center to center. Drill out your holes, and then thread on your fish wire to the end of the bolt. If you place it on the block, and then bring that through the ends of your bumper, then out through the drill holes. Then you can install the lock washers and the hex nuts. Then, twirk everything down to the specifications listed out in the instructions. Once you have everything tight and secure and you have your fascia 00:03:31 screws reinstalled, you should be able to make all of your connections and get on your way. That's going to do it for today's review of part #60849. This is the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver with Drawbar for Class I hitches, receiver opening measuring 1-1/4" x 1-1/4". .

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