Hidden Hitch Ball Mounts - Fixed Ball Mount - 80240 Review

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Review of Hidden Hitch Ball Mounts 80240

Today we're going to be reviewing part number 80240. This is the hidden hitch ball mount, rated at 6000 pounds. This bar mount does feature an angled cut here on the back of the shank which is going to allow it's easily slide into the receiver tube of our hitch. It is going to to fit a two inch by two inch receiver style hitch. When choosing a hitch ball or an accessory that does have a shank that mounts into the ball hole, you want to make sure that the shank of that accessory does not exceed one inch because that's the diameter that we have to work with here at our ball hole. A couple of other measurements that I'd like to over with you, the measurement from the center of hitch pinhole to the center of our ball hole is going to measure ten and one quarter of an inch. From the center if the hitch pinhole to the upright portion here, it's going to measure right at five inches.

The distance from the back of our shank to the center of our ball hole is going to measure about two and three quarters of an inch. Now again, this is rated for up to 6,000 pounds of gross towing weight and up to 600 pounds of towing weight. The way this installs is you simply take your ball mount and slide it into the receiver tube of your hitch. It does have a hollow shank, nice black powder-coat finish which is really help going to help stand up long against rust and corrosion. We'll slide it in there, line up our pinhole and insert our hitch pin and clip or hitch pin and lock. These items are sold separately and you can refer to the ball mount's product page under related items to view those product or go to our website and type in part number PC3 and it will refer you to this five eights inch pin that comes with the clip.

Now, within in this position, if we measure from the ball platform ti the inside top edge of our receiver tube, we're going to get a measurement of about six inches. That's the amount of drop that this ball mount is going to provide. Now to install it in the rise position, you would simply take this out, flip the ball mount over and if we perform that same measurement, it's going to give us a rise of four and three quarters of an inch. That's going to do it for our review of part number 80240, this is the hidden hitch ball mount, rated at 6,000 pounds. .

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