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Hidden Hitch Accessories and Parts 80418 Review

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Review of Hidden Hitch Accessories and Parts 80418

Today we're going to review part number 80418. This is the Hidden Hitch Replacement Ball Mount Plate. This is a replacement ball mount plate that's designed to fit on the Hidden Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount, part number 80412. We do sell that part separately on our website. This can be used to replace the plate that already comes with it, or if you want to have an extra one. It is designed to fit around a 2" wide shank of that adjustable ball mount.

Just to show you the inner diameter is 2". Now the holes. This is what the hitch pin would go through to hold it onto the shank. The diameter, or the distance between the holes here center to center is 3". The pinhole diameter to choose is a 5/8" diameter. Now the hitch ball hole diameter right here that's in the ball mount, this is a 1" diameter ball hole.

We'll go ahead and put the ruler on that also you can see. This is, uses a hitch ball that will have a 1" shank diameter. The thickness on the platform itself is going to be right at 3/4". The weight capacity on this, and it's stamped right on here, is 6,000 pounds trailer weight capacity, 600 pounds tongue weight capacity. When you do install this, it does require the use of two hitch pins and clips and they are not included. If you already have the adjustable ball mount with the pins and clips you can use the ones you already have.

If you do need extras or you've lost them, we do sell those separately on our website. Here's an example of what you would need. It's part number PC3 and it is listed on this product page as a related product. That should do it for the review on part number 80418, this is the Hidden Hitch Replacement Ball Mount Plate.

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