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Heininger Holdings Vehicle Organizer - Device Mount - HE1038 Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Commute Mate Air Vent Smart Phone Mount for dashboard vent. This is gonna be an easy way to get your phone in an easily visible position without having to have it in your hand or have it sliding along your dash. This is just going to mount to your vent.We have a little metal hook there that's going to go around the backside of that vent blade and then this spring loaded clamp is going to cinch that into position and keep it secure. At the bottom there's gonna be a little arm brace that's actually gonna take the weight of our phones so this just rests on the dash. There are two little foam feet or little foam pads on either side to protect our dash a little bit. That adjusts side to side so it can be pretty much wherever we need it to be and it can also collapse in depending on the configuration of your dash.

You can really adjust that just about anyway you'd need it to be.Our metal clamp at the top can also be rotated so if you have a vent that goes sideways you can mount it in that position as well. Pull back on the little lip on that tab to get it in position. In the middle we'll also have a dial so that you can adjust the mount's position or where our phone is positioned so this sits on a little ball joint and you can adjust that in any position you would need it to be as well as flip it around so it can be turned in whatever direction that you would want it. Once you have it in place, just tighten down that little dial until the mount is snug.Now as far as getting our phone, our GPS device in place, there's gonna be that little button on the side. If you press that down our arms will open out to accept our device.

At the bottom we also have a little flip out so we can rest our device on the bottom there if we choose to have it in this position as opposed to this one. You'll also notice that there's a small bracket. If you have any other Commute Mate accessories, you can use this to attach the phone mount to that instead of using the air vent system. That's what that would be for. It's just going to attach to the back there.

It's pretty easy to pop this on and off, it's just a little slide that goes into the backing there. This one is going to replace that, just slides and snaps into place. Again, that's just if you have any other Commute Mate accessories, it's an adaptor to use those with this plate.It's pretty easy to use, we do also have some little rubber grips on the sides of the clamps to hold our phone tightly especially nowadays with any smart phones, they typically have a glass back, glass front and they just are slick as all get out. This is gonna hold them really well. We have a little rubber circle here at the back to provide a little extra grip as well.Now, if you're like me and you have a wallet phone, these tend to be pretty thick, I was able to get it in place.

I'll show you right now. If you set that on there it does hold, but just with the design of this phone case, it's not exactly ideal, it just kind of pops out. It will hold, like I said, and it fits okay. It just doesn't hold extremely well. So that's something to keep in mind with this if you have a phone case that's pretty wide like mine. It's kind of obnoxiously big. This is about an inch thick with everything that I've got in there. Really it's best designed for use with either a smaller case or you can always just pop your phone out of your case and use it like that where it's just naked.We can pop that in there and as you can see it holds really well. The way the arms are designed they kind of cradle the phone in there and again we're gonna have that rubberized material to hold it and also protect the finish on our phones. We don't have to worry about scratching it up by using this.As far as compatibility, this is going to work for anything that's up to four inches wide. Our space in there easily allows up to four inches wide. At it's narrowist point, you really wouldn't want to use this on anything that's going to be smaller than about two and three quarters of an inch, goin from that inside edge to inside edge. Anything smaller than that and it's just not going to grip very well. As far as our mount itself, its widest point is gonna be to the outside of the arms and that's gonna be about three inches. The overall length is gonna be about three and a half inches. The distance that it will stick out from our dash kind of depends on how you have it configured, but should be about five and a half inches there. Just some dimensions to give you an idea of how much space this is gonna take up in your car, of course if you're using with a different backing plate it might change as well.Overall, it's a pretty easy to use device. I think it's gonna hold your phone really well. Again, if you have a thicker case it might be a little tricky, but you can always pop it out, it's not too hard to get it in and out of the case. That's gonna do it for our look at the Commute Mate Air Vent Smart Phone mount for dashboard vent.

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