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Heininger Holdings Pet Supplies - Water Bottle - HE3059 Review

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Review of Heininger Holdings Pet Supplies HE3059

Today we'll be reviewing part number HE3059. This is the portable pet WaterBoy travel water dish reservoir. It does have a 3 quart capacity so the reservoir's going to hold up to 3 quarts of liquid to keep your pet hydrated, which makes this system ideal for camping, hiking, or those day trips. This is the perfect system to have in your vehicle for when your pet is thirsty. The unique dish sits in the container, right here, and fills with water from the bottom of the reservoir. If you're not using it you can simply have it tipped up like this, and as long as you don't have any water in the dish here, then you don't have to worry about any spills. About a half inch of water will remain in the bowl, that way your pet can stay hydrated. If you need to allow more liquid into that bowl you can simply push here on the reservoir and it's going to increase the amount of water for your pet to drink. The bowl is weighed down by the container when it's filled so your dog or pet cannot flip it.

The depth and the overall design of the dish make digging and splashing pretty difficult for your animal. It does have a fill line here, so you know exactly the right amount to fill the container to get that 3 quart capacity. In order to do that you just remove the dish and you have a wide opening here to easily fill up the container. It does have a seal, so once you reinstall the dish you just want to install it tightly so that seal takes affect and it's not going to leak, it's going to keep water exiting the system at a minimum. It has an integrated handle for simple transportation. It is made from a food-safe BPA-free plastic construction. The overall length is going to be about 12 inches, and it's going to stand at just over 3 inches tall.

Again, when not in use you just flip it up like this, let all the water go back down into the reservoir, and it's going to keep it from splashing around and making a mess as you travel. That's going to conclude today's review of part number HE3059, this is the portable pet WaterBoy travel water dish and reservoir with a 3 quart capacity. .

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