HWT Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - TTWAL06156545B Review

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Review of HWT Tires and Wheels TTWAL06156545B

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number TTWAL-06156545B. This is the aluminum high spec series 06 trailer wheel. Very durable, very strong, light weight construction, as well as rust proof, and corrosion resistant. The high spec 06 series design is going to have the nice black interior with the exposed silver pieces right here. It really makes the wheel pop, gives it a really nice look. It's very unique, attractive, and appealing.

The front and back of the wheel are going to feature a nice clear coat. That's going to keep the wheel looking good for a really long time. Now, this uses a technology called ICF. That's going to be our improved clamp forced technology. This is going to help keep the wheel securely in place. Actually, when this is installed, it's going to create a bullet proof joint between the wheel and the hub when properly installed.

It also means that there's no need to have to re-torque after the initial installation. It does include the center cap. I'll show you how to install that towards the end of the video. The high quality wheel meets Department of Transportation specifications. When it comes to the dimensions of the rim, and when we're talking about the diameter, it's going to give us a diameter of 15 inches. It's going to give us a width from bead seed to bead seed, we can do that measurement for you real quick.

Bead seed to bead seed, it's going to give us a measurement of about six inches. Now when it comes to the bolt pattern, you can see here that it's got a one, two, three, four, a five hole design, so the bolt pattern on this unit's going to be five on four and a half. When it comes to determining the bolt pattern, the first number in the bolt pattern is the actual number of bolt holes that you have on your application, so that's where we get our five from. The second number, which in our case is four and a half, that's going to be the diameter in inches. If we we're to take a line and draw a circle that goes through the center of all those holes, and then measure from the center of that line, going straight across to the other side, that's where we're going to get that four and a half inch measurement. Again, the four and a half is a diameter, in inches, of the circle in which the bolt holes sit.

This is going to use a wheel bolt size of a half inch. The pilot hole diameter, that's this hole right here. It's going to measure 3.19 inches. I'm going to show you how to install that center cap. It's got the mount hole right here, so we just want to line that up with the mount hole on the cap itself. It should fit right into place. Drop the screw in there. Then we'll just take a Phillips head screwdriver and we can tighten that down. I really like the center cap. It finishes off the look of the wheel, makes it look really clean, and stylish. This wheel does not offer an offset, but it does offer a total weight capacity of 2,150 pounds, and they're going to put a lifetime warranty against structural defect. A really nice wheel again, very sleek and stylish. That's going to do it for our review of part number TTWAL-06156545B.

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