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HWT Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - AM22697 Review

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Review of HWT Tires and Wheels AM22697

Today we're going to review part number AM22697. This is the HWT Aluminum 16x7in. High Spec Series Trailer Wheel, with the 8 on 6 1/2in. bolt pattern. Now, this wheel's made of a durable corrosion-resistant aluminum. This is the High Spec Series '06 design, which is very unique.

The '06 design has the seven spokes, and it has the center cap that covers the lugs. The nice thing on the finish on this, the face of the spokes and the outer edge of the spoke is all machine finished, so it give a nice shine to it and its silver accent. With the machine polish it allows the whole wheel front and back to be clear-coated to protect it. This is high-quality wheel that meets the Department of Transportation specification. It does include the center cap that would be attached over the lugs. Just to show you I'm going to remove that to show you how it comes out and goes on.

You'll see right here there's a Phillips head screw right there. If we just unloosen that screw, and as you unscrew that it'll release the cap. Once we get it out far enough the screw will come out and then your cap will pop off. Then you'll see the bolt pattern in this pilot hole. Now, the nice thing on this cap if you'll notice there's a little tab on this side right directly across from the where the hole is. What that's for is when you go to line this up with the hole you'll see there's a little indentation on this spoke of wheel.

You'll just put that tab in there and then press it down and then put your bolt in. Just like that. When you tighten down it'll line that cap right up. Now, a few specs on this, the rim dimensions, 16in. diameter, 7in. In width.

When you measure the dimensions on the wheel basically, you're measuring where the tire beads would seed when a tire is mounted on a wheel, the beads seed right here. When you measure the diameter you're doing to measure inside the inside from bead seed to bead seed and some way on the width, you'll measure inside to inside, bead seed to bead seed. Just to give you an idea, if we measure the diameter on this wheel. Again we're going to go inside to inside, and it should be right at 16in. diameter. On the width, inside to inside you can see is right at 7in. Now the bolt pattern on this wheel is going to be an 8 on 6 1/2in. bolt pattern. Now, with a wheel that has an even number of lugs, like in this case eight. All you have to do is pick one of the holes. Measure from the center of that hole. Go directly across to the center of the hole right across from it. If we can measure this one to this one, I'll try to show you what you . on an alloy wheel it's a little harder because the lug holes are sunk in, but if you just hold this center to center. You can see center. Center's right at 6 1/2, so 8 lugs 6 1/2in. bolt pattern. Now, this does use a wheel lug size of 1/2in.x20 or 9/16x18. A pilot with hole diameter, which is this large hole in the center wheel. It goes over the hub on your trailer. Measure the diameter of this opening. You can see it's going to be right at 4.9in. for the pilot hole diameter. Again, we're going to put the cap back on just to show you how it attaches. Again, put that little tab in there. Then push that down. Take your screw. Get it started. Then with it started, just go ahead and tighten this down. The nice thing about this is this will keep anybody that might think they want to take your wheels. It makes it a little more work. It's not a lock, so it doesn't fully secure, but it makes it a little more work, which is the idea if somebody's looking to take something. You want to make it harder for them to get. Just snug it down. Don't over tighten it. It holds the cap right into place. Gives a nice, clean look. That should do it for the review on part number AM22697. The HWT Aluminum 16x7in. High Spec Series 6 Trailer Wheel, with the 8 on 6 1/2in. bolt pattern. .

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