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Review of HWT Tires and Wheels AM22660HWT

Today we're going to review part number AM22660HWT. This is the Americana heavy-duty sixteen-inch by six-and-a-half-inch aluminum HWT series S5, split spoke design trailer wheel with the eight on six-and-a-half-inch bolt pattern. Now this wheel is a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. The design is a series S5 split spoke design. You can see the split right in the spokes. This is a very unique and appealing design.

The nice thing is also the finish on this wheel. The accent or the side of the spokes on the inside is silver, nice bright silver designing. The face of the wheel and the outer edge of the wheel is a machine finish to give a shine to it. And then they finish off the whole wheel with a clear coating over the whole front and back of the wheel. This is a high-quality wheel that will meet the Department of Transportation specifications.

Now this is a heavy-duty rated wheel, and by that we mean it does carry heavy loads. So because of that, it does include a metal valve stem, and the reason they do that is the tires that would mount on here and the loads they would carry require very high PSI in the tire. So you do have to have the valve stem to be able to go up to those higher PSI ratings. Sometimes a rubber valve stem will not meet the higher PSI ratings. So this wheel will include a metal valve stem. Now the rim dimension on this: sixteen inches in diameter by six-and-a-half inches in width.

And if you ever want to measure that, on any wheel when you measure it, you always want to measure inside to inside. So it's bead seat to bead seat. When I say bead seat - that's basically when a tire is mounted on this wheel, the beads of the tire would seat right in here. So that's what you're measuring, is the inside to inside. So if we go across, we can see right at sixteen inches for the diameter.

And you do the same on the width. The width of the wheel is inside to inside. So bead seat to bead seat. So if we put the ruler on it, six-and-a-half inches. So again, sixteen-inch diameter, six-and-a-half inches in width. The bold pattern on this wheel is a eight lug on six-and-a-half-inch bolt pattern. And if you want to measure the bolt pattern, the way to do that on a wheel that has even number of lug, in this case would be eight. You just pick any of the lug holes - we'll pick this one - and if you go directly to the hole right across from it, just measure center to center, from hole to hole. So I'll just show you and put the ruler on this. Center of this hole to center of this hole: six-and-a-half inches. So eight lugs, six-and-a-half-inch bolt pattern. This wheel can use the wheel lug size of a half-inch by twenty or nine-sixteenths by eighteen. The pilot hub diameter which is this very large hole in the center of the wheel - this goes over the hub on your trailer. Basically just put the ruler on that and you get a diameter of four point nine inches. For the pilot hub diameter. The weight capacity on this wheel, again, being a heavy-duty wheel, is three-thousand, nine hundred and sixty pounds. That should do it for the review on part number AM22660HWT, the Americana heavy-duty sixteen-inch by six-and-a-half-inch aluminum HWT series S5, split spoke trailer wheel with the eight on six-and-a-half inch bolt pattern. .

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