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Review of HWT Tires and Wheels AM22328

Today were going to review part number AM22382. This is the American 14 inch by 5 inch aluminum HWT Series 06 trailer wheel. It has the 5 on 4 inch bolt pattern and is silver in color. This wheel is made of a durable corrosion resistant aluminum. This is the high spec Series 06 design. It has the spokes.

You can see its a very unique and appealing design. It has the silver accents on the side. Inside the spokes here, the face of the spoke and the outer edge right here is a machine finish. It has a nice shine to it, and then the whole wheel is clear-coated to protect it. This is a high quality wheel that will meet the Department of Transportations specifications.

The width on this wheel, the diameter is 14 inches in diameter, and then the width would be 5 inches wide. The way you would measure that on a wheel, youd actually be measuring where the tire would seat on it. When you mount a tire on this wheel the beads would actually seat right around here on there, so when you measure the diameter you wont measure edge to edge, youll measure bead seat to bead seat. Basically if we put a ruler on there you can see the diameters going to be bead seat to bead seat right at 14 inches in diameter, and the width were going to do the same. Well measure inside to inside, so bead seat to bead seat.

You can see its 5 inches wide. So the diameter is 14 inches, the width is 5 inches. Now the bolt pattern, that would be 5 on 4 inches. What Im going to do, the caps already installed. Well take the cap off, just unscrew it right here.

There you go, once we get the screw out there we go, well take the screw out and then the cap would pop right out. Basically on this cap whats nice it has a little tab right here and theres a little insert so you line this hole up that screws in and then this tab would just go under there, and then when you push it down you put the screw in and hold it into place. Now with the cap off youll be able to see the bolt pattern. Its the 5 on 4 inch bolt pattern and the way to measure that on a wheel that has an odd number of lugs, like this case five, you just pick one of the holes and you measure from the starting hole, the center of that hole directly across to either one of the holes across from it to the outer edge. What Im going to do is start with this hole, go to this hole to the outer edge. So if I go from the center of the starting hole right to that outer edge of the other hole you can see Its 4 inches, so 5 lug, 4 inch bolt pattern.This wheel does use the wheel lug size of a half inch by 20. The pilot hole diameter, which is this large hole in the center goes over the hub on your trailer. The diameter of thats going to be right at 3.19 inches, with the pilot hub diameter. Now the weight capacity on this wheel is going to be 1,900 pounds. Ill go ahead and put this cap back on just to show you. Put that tab right in, push it down to where the hole lines up. Go ahead and drop that screw in, and you just go ahead and tighten that screw down until its all the way tight and that will hold that cap into place. That should do it for the review on part number AM22328, the Americana 14 by 5 inch aluminum HWT Series 06 trailer wheel with the 5 on 4 bolt pattern. .

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