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Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Goodyear Endurance ST 235/85/R16 radial trailer tire, in the load range E. This is a radial trailer tire, it's great for highway use, and it is a special trailer tire designed so couples the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire. It is crated specifically for trailers, it's not intended for use of any other vehicles. On this Goodyear Endurance, they actually use an optimized tread depth, and on each shoulder they use a decoupling groove, which will help keep the tire cool, while towing heavy loads. On the inside they use a special inner liner, which minimizes air loss in the trailer applications, because they use 100% Halobutyl rubber. They do use a Durawall technology, it helps resist sidewall cuts and punctures, and then they even have a little raised are right here, which is a scuff guard.

Helps provide sidewall protection. This is a polyester tire with two steel belts. They do use a nylon overlay, offers improved durability and carrying capacity.Now, this is compatible with TPMS, the tire pressure monitoring system. It does meet the DOT, Department of Transportation, specifications. And unique with this Goodyear tire, is that it is made in the USA, which for trailer tires is unique because most trailer tires are made overseas nowadays.

This one is still being made in the USA. A few specs on this, this tire's designed to fit a wheel of 16 inch by six inches wide. 16 by six and a half inches wide, 16 by seven, or 16 by seven and a half inches wide. The tire size, which will be stamped on the sidewall, ST for Special Trailer, 235/85/R15, the R designates that it's a radial design tire. Section width on this size is 9.3 inches.

Overall diameter from the bottom to the top when it's inflated is 31.7. This tire is a load range E, which means it's a 10 ply rated tire. Has a maximum load capacity, if it's used in a single tire application of 3640 pounds, and 80 PSI. Or if used in a dual tire application will be 3200 pounds, and 80 PSI.The last thing I do want to mention is most all the new trailer tires are meeting speed ratings now. Speed rating, they'll designate by a letter designation.

Where that is, if you go down by the bead here, you'll see the tire size, and then right after it is two numbers for the load index, and then the letter N. Speed rating N will mean 87 mile per hour speed rating. That should do it for the review on the Goodyear Endurance ST 235/85/R16, radial trailer tire, in a load range E.

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