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Review of Go Power RV Solar Panels - 35 Watt Flexable Solar Charge Kit - GP64ZR

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Go Power RV Solar Panels - 35 Watt Flexable Solar Charge Kit - GP64ZR Review

Hi there I'm Michael with each Today we're going to take a quick look at this Go Power Solar Flex Charging System. This is going to provide an off-grid charging solution for your 12 volt battery systems. Now, depending on how big your battery bank is, how much power you typically use when you're off the grid, this might just work as like a trickle charger for you. It might not fully charge your batteries, but it will put a little bit of extra electricity in there so that you can stay off the grid longer. This does have this 35 watt flexible monocrystalline solar panel.

That's going to use the sunlight to charge up your RV's batteries. Now that monocrystalline material is part of the the higher end. So it's going to be a really great option for you. If I we're to use an analogy, I would say the monocrystalline is one solid piece. So it's more like your solid wood versus some of the less expensive, cheaper style polycrystalline, which is more like a particle board kind of mentality of piecing together other parts.

So this is a really nice quality. It's going to do a good job of absorbing that sunlight and converting it to energy for you. This does have an IP rating of six seven. So it's going to do a good job of holding up in your different weather conditions. It's going to withstand water, vapor, and dirt.

This will provide 17.5 volts of electricity. So it's not going to be enough for your 24 volt system, but it will do a great job of charging up your 12 volt battery systems. As far as our dimensions go, this is right about 24 3/8ths of an inch long by 14 and 15/16ths of an inch wide and roughly 1/16th of an inch thick. So very flexible. You can bend up to 30 degrees.

So depending on where you're needing to get this mounted should be very easy either with the included screws and hardware or a with some sealant or something like that, to get it mounted on your roof. Something along those lines, it's only about just slightly over a pound. So definitely very portable. If you wanted to use it as a portable option for you. Then we're also going to get this 10 amp PWM solar controller. This is going to act as a mediary or sorry intermediary between your solar panels in your battery. So it's going to make sure that that solar power electricity flowing from your solar panels, going to your battery is not going to harm your batteries. It's going to make sure that your your batteries are well taken care of. So it's going to not only convert the solar power to a safe consistent power source for your batteries, but it's also going to monitor your batteries to make sure that it's charging them appropriately. So it's got it's got a automatic multi-stage charging system. So it's going to go from bulk mode. If your battery is really low, it'll kind of just rush all full load to the batteries that fill them up quicker. When it's gets to about 80% of its charged capacity, it will then switch to the absorption mode, which is a little bit more controlled voltage, so that you're not going to overshoot your goal and overcharge the batteries. Once they're fully charged, it will go into the float mode, which will help to maintain. So as a little bit of power is lost, it will put that in and just kind of make sure that it stays fully charged. There's also has the equalization mode. So if you have a flooded wet cell battery, that's going to prevent stratification in your battery. When the battery is being unused for a longer period of time with that float mode it's going to help to eliminate that stratification. So it's going to do a really good job making sure that everything works the way it's supposed to. Very easy to get set up. You can see we've got the little prongs here are the openings here so that we can just easily put in our power cord going in from our solar panels and then have cords coming out going to our battery. Tighten those down with a flat head screwdriver and lock them in place. And so this is going to do a really good job for you. It will also display your amperage, voltage, and battery capacity there on the screen. As far as getting this mounted, it's pretty lightweight and compact. It's about 5 and 7/8ths of an inch wide by 3 and 7/8ths of an inch tall and only roughly one and a quarter of an inch deep. So a really nice option there. They're also going to include two of these 25 foot M4 cables that will plug right in to your solar panel, depending on how much cable you need. You can potentially cut this and use the extra to go from your charged controller down to your battery. They do also include a 10 amp fuse kit. So that gives you an extra little option there, as well as mounting hardware, zip ties, hardware for getting your solar controller mounted. So pretty much everything you're going to need except for the batteries. Like I said, this is going to just be a 35 watt solar panel. So it's possible that you can add on solar panels if you need more power coming in. That's very likely depending on your your power needs and that sort of thing. We do have help articles here at to help you know, depending on your energy usage, how big your battery bank is that sort of thing, how many solar panels will need or can use. But this is going to be a really nice kit to help get you started. If you're looking for very flexible, lightweight option this is going to be a great option for you, but we do have other kits available as well, as well as individual components. So depending on your needs, we should have you covered. So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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