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Review of Go Power Portable Chargers - Power Banks - Solar Panels - GP22RR

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Go Power Portable Chargers - Power Banks - Solar Panels - GP22RR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we take a look at this Gopower eight watt portable power bank with solar panels. Now this will keep your devices charged when you're camping, hiking, or any type of outdoor living. The power bank in this will provide two USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other handheld devices. It includes the four attached foldable solar panels. They just flip this open and you can see as you unwrap it.

There's your four different solar panels, does come with the power bank right here that you can detach and take with you. Has an on and off button right here on the side. And you can see the copper connectors right here that when you do put it into your folder there, push it down into place. That'll connect them and allows it to charge when these are open. The power bank itself has enough power to charge your phone multiple times.

The panels here, they are four, two watt monocrystalline solar panels keep the power bank charged and what's nice is those solar panels are waterproof. As you noticed, these panels do unfold from the power bank for a nice quick charging, and a no easily fold back when you're not in use. And then what's nice it uses this magnetic closure here. That'll keep the device compact when not in use. Now, we do open it again, when you do turn this on, there's a button right on the side here that you just push it and it'll turn it on and then right up here you'll have these LED lights that'll indicate the power bank battery charge.

Went over. When right here, over here it's showing a green sun. That means these panels are working and absorbing the sunlight and charging your power banks. Also right along here, it has a blue status bars, that'll tell you to recharging is in process. On the very back of this.

What is really unique Has this built in flashlight, that will help you see in the dark. If you place down on that on and off button. You can see that the flashlight comes on and you go ahead and turn off the overhead light and you can see it actually is for a little light. It is a very bright light. And then if you push the button one more time after the flashlight's on, it'll give you the SOS. And then if you push it again, it'll give you the strobe functions helps you signal for assistance. And then one more time, it'll turn the complete flashlight off. Turn back on our overhead lights. Does come with a micro USB cable for charging the power bank. If you're not access to any sunlight, you can plug this into a USB port to charge it also. Also comes with this nice carabiner. You just go and pop the sprite back in. And it's carabiner has a little loop over here that you could hook it to, and it helps you attach it to your backpack belt loop. Any other place you can carry it. Few specs on this. The battery capacity is 10,000 milliamp hours. Battery type is lithium ion. The solar panel rated power again is eight Watts. So it's four, two watt panels. The ports we mentioned, go ahead and pop this out again. The ports right up here, they give you two USB outputs, five volt, 2.1 amps for fast charging. And then right over here is the one micro USB input, five volts two amps for charging from a USB output. Weight on this is less than a pound. It's just over three quarters of a pound really. And to give you the dimensions when it's open like this, the length from here to here is gonna be 17 inches, six inches this way, and only about a half inch tall. This is your tallest point. When you do fold it up and close it, it's going to be still six inches this way, only three inches this way and about one and one eighth inches tall. But again, has this nice magnetic closure. Open it up, open up your solar panel, press your button to turn it on and you're all ready to go. But that should do it for the review on this Gopower, eight watt portable power bank with the solar panels..

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