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Review of Go Power Portable Chargers - 500 W Power Station - GP82RR

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Go Power Portable Chargers - 500 W Power Station - GP82RR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Go Power DuraCUBE Lithium Portable Power Station. This is going to use a lithium battery to supply silent, clean power for your camping trip, tailgating or as an emergency backup. This is a very lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum construction with that lithium iron phosphate battery. So it's going to be durable and rustproof and weighs less than 20 pounds. So it's super easy to lift.

I can't imagine doing this with just about any other battery in there. So very, very portable, very easy to carry around with you. The handle here is going to also make that much easier to hold onto and carry around with you. So very, very lightweight, easy to get to where you're going. This is capable of 500 Watts of continuous power to run anything from a TV to a mini fridge.

It does have a pure sine wave technology that's going to help replicate your household AC power. So it's going to allow you to run devices safely including your sensitive electronics like HDTVs and computers. So having that 500 Watt capacity will allow you to charge your phone up to 60 times, run a 50 inch TV for 4 hours, power a mobile fridge for up to 10 hours or just use your lights for up to 60 hours. So lots of power included in this lightweight, portable power station here. And you can see on the front, we are going to have multiple connection points to allow you to secure your external devices.

And so we've got 2 AC outlets that give you that 120 volt power going through to your normal plugins. So your TVs, those sort of things. We're also going to have one Type C USB port here. So if you've got a newer phone or something along those lines. We also have 4 of the USB A ports.

We've got one 12 volt auxiliary port here and then we've got two of the barrel, 12 volt, DC 12 volt connector ports right there. And we're also going to be able to hook up to jump start a vehicle with the included cables here. So we'll just plug those in and we can get these hooked to our battery post so that we can charge our battery. Make sure that we're not stranded on the side of the road there. To get this charged up, we are going to have a couple different options. So on the backside here is our charging ports. So we've got our standard AC wall charger. So we just plug that in to the wall at home and then plug it into the port over here. And that will get it charged up pretty quickly. It only takes about 7 hours to get it charged up using AC power. They also include this MC4 to DC adapter that's going to allow you to charge using solar setup. So they don't include a solar panel. That's just the power station itself but they do recommend the Go Power DuraLite Portable Solar Panel. So because this system does have a built in maximum power point tracking system that's going to maximize your solar charging. You're not going to need a solar panel with its own onboard solar controller. So using that solar panel that I just showed is going to allow you to still use it. It doesn't have a onboard solar controller. So it'll plug right in, allow you to charge this up. If you're using solar power, it takes about 10 hours of full sunlight to get this charged up. They also include a DC charging port. So you can plug this into your cigarette lighter or auxiliary port in your vehicle, and then plug it into that side to get it charged up that way as well. And once we have it charged up, we've got this on button here at the front. So let's turn that on. You can see, we do have this LED display that's going to monitor our charging, our Watts used, our battery level and more. This does have a built-in battery management system that's gonna help protect against voltage, current, temperature and revolts, reverse polarity issues. So this also is going to allow us to charge our devices and charge the power station simultaneously or power our devices and charge this power station simultaneously with their pass through system. So if we have our solar panel hooked up, not only is it going to allow us to charge the system but it's also still going to allow us to use anything that we have plugged in. This will last for about 6 months, if you don't have it charged, if you don't use it. So it's gonna hold onto that power really well. So every 6 months or so, you wanna make sure to charge it up. And this will operate in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So it will do a good job for you in all sorts of environments and conditions. If we're looking at the size, this is right at 7 and a half inches wide. By, I'm going to measure with our 12 volt port there. I'm gonna say it's right at, 10 inches long and just shy of, oh right about 9 and a half inches tall. So again, very, very portable, very easy to take along with you to power your outdoor activities. If you want to have some electric, electrical capacity there for your refrigerator, for your TV on game day or whatever the case may be, this is gonna be a very nice lightweight option to have with you. And because it's battery powered, it's gonna be a much more enjoyable replacement for a generator. Instead of having that noise going all the time with your generator, this is gonna be really quiet and you won't even know it's there. So if you are looking for a portable power station, I think this is gonna be a great option for you. That completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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