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Review of Gen-Y Hitch Hitch Pins and Clips - 5/8" Diameter HItch Pin - GY39FR

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Gen-Y Hitch Hitch Pins and Clips - 5/8" Diameter HItch Pin - GY39FR Review

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at Gen Y Iron Grip Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin for your two inch hitch receivers. Now there is always going to be models available for your two and a half and three inch hitch receivers as well. So do go ahead and give those guys a look if that's what you're looking for, but hopefully this will give you guys a pretty good idea of what we're working with.

So this little anti-rattle pin is designed to work with your solid shank ball mounts or other hitch accessories. So why that is, you are going to be kind of limited on the ways you can actually go ahead and reduce your shake and play here for your solid shank devices. A lot of time, it's going to be something like this, which you just have a little pin and what's happening here. So we have one nut on one side, have a serrated washer on the other. And all we do is simply insert this here into the other side with our serrated washer on there.

Go ahead and add that in right through our shank. We take our little shuttle here. Let me go ahead and give you guys a closer look at it. Now take our shuttle here. Simply place this right in here.

Just like so. Just like that. Take our nut now, go ahead and thread it on and take our included wrench here, and then just simply tighten it down by applying a little pressure on the other side. Now I find it's a little easier. You also do have yourself, a little adjustable wrench there on the other side, just to go ahead and hold it in position.

And that way as you tighten it down, you really get it nice and tightened there. So the one that you're still going to have is play up and down. Now, what it's really doing is reducing that play side to side. You're still going to have a little bit going up and down just a little bit. So unfortunately that's just kind of a, a design feature or kind of a flaw in the design, not really a flaw, but kinda what you're limited to. Right Cause all we can do is really pinch these sides in. That's all the action we can really get. We don't have a bracket on the inside. That's getting constant contact throughout the entirety of the shank. We just have it right there on the side. It's going to hold it in, but it really does do a decent job of actually holding it in highly recommend actually taking our demo, seeing this on an actual track, seeing it in actual action. Here on the tabletop it can be a little hard to show you guys how well the job it does, but this just makes it really, really easy to get it on there. And then of course to pop it off, all I got to do, take my wrench again, get it inserted and back it off just like that. So let's go ahead and start taking a look here at some dimensions though. That way we can make sure that we are working well with it. And yeah, I just kinda like pull this back in, then push it forward. That lets me hold on that shuttle. It makes it really easy to pop off. Just like that. Let me get this moved to the side for us. We can start giving ourselves some dimensions and of course re-adding our shuttle and our nut here to make sure we're working with the right dimensions. So overall not going to be the longest guy out there, but let's go ahead and see. We should be working with right around five inches here for ourselves. So as you guys can see, I have about five inches there for your overall length. Now for your usable length though, we are going to go right to that inside. And as you guys are seeing that is going to be put right 10 of the inside here. I'm sorry guys, we've got to keep that around for ourselves. So from the very back here, there on the inside. And we are kind of keeping that nut in mind, right within the top, so then we have a little collar there that's going to be holding us up just a little bit. And that is going to be put in you right at two and 7/8 of an inch, right to the almost, the end of there, that three. So definitely going to be a little length to watch out for. That's one thing that's probably going to be important to everybody at home, if you aren't working with a Gen Y specific model, and you're wondering if you can use that, that two and 7/8 is going to be the distance you're needing for your actual hitch receiver to allow you to access it. So definitely going to just be a nice way, guys, of just reducing down that shake and play that you're going to have. My one concern with it, like I said, though, is that it is a steel construction and you might just have a little bit of issue with those weather elements. So like I said, a little maintenance, probably going to go a long way to making this guy work, but hopefully reducing that shake and that play and that annoying rattle we're having happen in the back of our truck or our vehicle. That way we can have a way more enjoyable towing experience. But otherwise guys, I think that about does it for our look here at the Gen Y Iron Grip Anti-Rattle Hitch pin for two inch hitches here at I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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