Gear Up Watersport Carriers - Kayak - GU44011 Review

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Review of Gear Up Watersport Carriers GU44011

Today we'll be reviewing part number GU44011. This is the Gear Up Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack with a 200 pound weight capacity. The wall mounter hook system is going to include everything you need to hold 1 kayak, canoe or board off the ground and out of harms way. It has 2 heavy duty foam coverage steel storage hooks that are going to gently hold your gear without doing any damage or put in any scratches onto your gear. Also included is the installation hardware. There's going to be 12 screws included. And if you look on the back of 1 of these hooks, you'll see that you have numerous different mounting options to choose from.

You do want to be sure you get into a nice solid, flat surface and that your hooks are level with each other to best hold your gear. Now each hook has a capacity of 100 pounds, so combined, I guess it's our 200 pound weight capacity. To go over the dimension, I'm just going to use 1 hook. This is going to have a total height of about 25 1/2 inches. The base play here has a width of right at 3 inches and this is going to stick out from our wall at about 15 1/2 inches. Now the actual mount in play itself measures 3 inches wide by 15 inches long and these do have the J style hooks, so it is okay to load your boat or your board on its side. And just keep in mind that 2 hooks only have a capacity of 1 boat, 1 kayak or 1 board Each hook weighs about 2 pounds. That's going to complete today's review of part number GU44011, it's the gear up wall mount kayak storage rack with a 200 pound weight capacity. .

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