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Review of GasStop Propane - Hoses - GS97FR

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GasStop Propane - Hoses - GS97FR Review

Bobby Hey everybody, welcome to, I'm Bobby, Today we are taking a look at the gas gear 90 degree propane hose with your stainless steel construction and this is gonna be an excellent way guys of giving yourself, as you can get, a 90 degree turn, away from the propane lines. We have our standard ACME connection as you guys can see, makes it really easy, just to go ahead on the gear, right before our propane. Now unfortunately, well or fortunately for me, we don't have any propane here in our tank today, but, here's where its gonna work really good open that up, and your propane is gonna actually be able to go into your regulator here, utilizing your quarter inch male inverted flare, and in need of a max pressure about 250 PSIG and about a 200 000 BTU per hour capacity. One thing that's straight obviously, is going ahead and just reducing the amount of space we adding onto the front of our propane, a lot of us are going to have our propane sat on that front of our trailer, and one incher regulator can definitely be a pain, but now with this gas gear, can really be really easy to go ahead, get that angle. Now we'll say 12 inches actually pretty short here, now obviously if your regulator is right next to your guys's tanks, its not gonna be the end of the world. If you guys are having a little bit of trouble though and you need a longer connection, there is a new 18 inch version as well, and if you guys are liking the stainless but you don't quite need it, whether you don't really, quite like the look or just want something a little easier there is gonna be a rubber version for both your 12 inch and your 18 inch version of this.

I really like the braided steel here, so its going to be resisting that corrosion, that we going to be having and also its probably going to be in the sun a lot, so I kinda like this over the rubber just because I know its not going to be cracking at any point, and since it is stainless and we have brass fittings, we gonna have no trouble with corrosion, which is gonna be great, so, one thing I would say as well though, this works excellent in conjunction with the gas stop emergency shut off valve on your propane line, so, what this little guy does, a, we have a little gauge here, that's great for going ahead and giving a good read out on how much we have in our tank, but, B, it works really really well, as I said, as that emergency shut off. So what happens is, we get this plugged in, right, all of a sudden, we going along the road, we have a blow out or an accident or something, maybe one of our propane lines somewhere in the back of our system comes, comes undone or gets sheered, whatever. Now we have propane flying around dousing the back of our trailer. That could end up catching fire and that could, that would be no bueno for anybody. Trailer fires are no fun, and yeah, inaudible are happening, we have a major disruption, we have a little mechanism in here.

It shunts up and that blocks all of that flow, and therefore we not gonna have a major issue which is excellent, so, really do like this guy, highly recommend give it a look here guys at here at A - to see it in action, and B just to get a closer little look at it and all the little intricacies with it. It also is a really nice system and it works really really well. Again, we just have our standard ACME connection there on the end, and all we have to do, is slot that right on. Obviously this plugs right onto your propane and then you kinda good to go, so, really really like this hose though guys, I just like that we get that 90 degree angle, we gonna have no issues with it, and again, I might suggest looking at that 18 inch version, you guys we're just having a little bit of issue with this length.

Otherwise though guys, I think that about does it for our look here today at the gas gear 90 degree propane hose with stainless steel construction, here at I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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