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Review of GasStop Propane Accessories - Shut-Off Valves - GS24FR

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GasStop Propane Accessories - Shut-Off Valves - GS24FR Review

Hey everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at the GasStop Propane Emergency Shut-off Safety Valve with your standard ACME connection. So, this is gonna be an excellent way of giving you that peace of mind that you're looking for, making sure that you're not gonna have too many terrible accidents out there on the road. Why that is, this is gonna give us a nice little safety shut-off feature. If you do have any disruptions to a propane line somewhere in our trailer we're gonna quickly shut it off and have no issues.

So, give you a little scenario, right, of course GasStop always recommends that we do a great job with shutting off our propane tanks. However all of us can be a little absent minded sometimes. So you pull out of your site early in the morning, trying to get a leg up on the journey. All of a sudden you forgot to hit those propane lines, turning off your propane tanks. Somebody ran into you, now you got an open line and that's dousing propane in the back of your trailer, which can start a trailer fire.

Really ruining our trip. Right. Well all of a sudden we have this little shutoff valve. If we have this installed, what's gonna be happening if we do have a major disruption to out lines there's gonna be too much pressure pulling out on our tank. We're gonna have a little ball here.

And all it does, shunt it self up and block that flow of propane and that way we're not dowsing our trailer and we're limiting those flames. And over all reducing that accident which is excellent so, really really nice feature just to give us that nice security. Of course make sure you send that off just like GasStop suggests and again we're all a little absent minded. It's not just stopping there of course. At the top here we have a little gauge which is really nice.

Gonna be letting us know exactly what we're giving. I'll kind of give you guys a closer look here at exactly what it's showing us. But just an easy way of knowing if you have too high a pressure your gas is looking good or you're starting to get low which is really excellent. So, no like really static numbers on here, basically just a representation of what's in your tank which makes it great for a variety of different sizes of tanks right. And I think what's really gonna be nice about it we you start utilizing it for a while. Really understanding what you have in your tank and the size. And giving a good read out every now and then of understanding what it's telling you and I think it'll be a lot more useful than just throwing it on any tank and trying to get a good read on it. But I digress, and thirdly what you're also gonna get is a nice little tester for yourself. So what ends up happening, you get this guy set in right, we have our lines run. All of a sudden I have to do open up my propane tank, pump this guy about three or four times give it a little bit for your lines to fill up of course. Especially if you have those longer RV's out there. And then what ends up happening once we actually have reached phase equilibrium as GasStop likes to say. Or we're just gonna have it fill up all our lines we actually have pressure in our system. What we can do, we can actually close off our propane tanks one more time. Allow that line to sit just as it is and watch this little reader here. If we see it drop in your needle, that means we have a leak. If it's holding steady we're ready to rock and roll. Now if we do have a leak, we're probably gonna need to go ahead and grab ourselves a little bit of soapy water find where that leak is. That way we are traveling safe for our selves. So we are just gonna have that nice little bras construction on the outside too, to make sure that its holding up well even after corrosion which is great. A lot of times its gonna be on the tongue of our trailer sitting there in that weather nice that it's gonna be lasting us for days to come. Well lets go ahead and take a closer look here see how we actually get it installed. Now, unfortunately I'm not gonna give you guys a great representation. I don't have any propane in here with me today. Just because obviously you know, the studio. But all I have to do is simply go ahead and thread this on here using that standard ACME connection. One thing I really like to, these knobs are really easy to use. Sometimes the plastic knobs they just don't give you that right grip that you are looking for. GasStop's done a good job allowing this to actually grip on to there. And there we are, nice installed. Of course obviously I want my regulator here on the outside but yeah. Taking a closer look here. These guys can be spun, GasStop suggests you keep it on a 45-degree angle so we don't wanna go anything too crazy. And you do wanna point it towards the sky I just have it showing towards you guys just to give you a better look at it. Again here you are seeing the little yellow. That's letting us know we have a high pressure system here in our tank. Now GasStop doesn't say that it's not okay to use it, they just do say that you do have a lot of pressure in your system. So be a little careful with that and just let them know you have a lot in the tank. Green is good, right. Green is gas, that means everything is working normally and we have the gas we need in our tank for all our applications. And then red obviously means we are low, that we running out of propane. So definitely gonna be feeling that pretty quick I feel like when we start seeing that needle drop. But I really do like how, we just have that little bit of a reader there and again that works really really well for that gauge tester, that leak tester. To make sure that needle is holding steady otherwise you just might have a leak. One thing that I also suggest too there is the gas gear. These 90 degree propane hose lines are excellent to go ahead. Especially in the front of those trailers just to go ahead and pull this back right. Because a lot of times we're just having not too much room to work with its not a lot of room and this is really gonna help shave that down with that 90 degree turn of running that back to our regulator which is really nice especially in the tongues of those trailers. Well let me go ahead and pop this off then we can start taking a look here at our dimensions. Not gonna be to crazy for ourselves. So with that removed, just sit that guy off to the side really quick. And taking a look here, we are gonna be working with, for our max length here today from the very end to our other end of our cap, that's gonna be putting this at 3 and 15, 16 of an inch long. While our maximum width here, is gonna be for this ACME connection around our propane line and that's gonna put us at an inch of 7/8 and for our height here today I'm gonna have to kind of work it here from the bottom to the very top there of our gauge that's gonna put you near abouts 2 and 3/4 of an inch nothing too crazy on the height. And again this is a little bit able to be moved about 45 degrees like I said on that connector of your propane. But overall guys I really like how I have that emergency shut off feature. It would be terrible to actually have a trailer fire going on the road. And it's just really nice to go ahead and if I am a little absent minded and I do leave my propane open, I know I'm gonna be nice and protected and my trailer is gonna get home safe. Of course maybe a little bit of a fender bender to have too buff out but really really nice that we have this ability. Now this also can be used for things like a camping grill or something like that as well. I've seen a couple of little videos from GasStop showing they're used in that regard as well. Which can be nice I think really the main feature for it is going to be RV's It wills of giving you that protection that you're looking for and you can't really beat that shut off and that tester is really nice too. Gonna be excellent to go ahead and actually find that leak before we're halfway on our trip and then all of our propane is out at night. That would be terrible. So, really really like the ease of use just nice little convenience and again that bras to make sure that it's not gonna be deter in a way on the front of our trailer. Otherwise tho guys I think that about does it for our look here today at the GasStop Propane Emergency Shut Off Safety Valve at I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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