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Review of GSI Outdoors Camping and Hiking - Contoured Hip Flask - 37366108

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GSI Outdoors Camping and Hiking - Contoured Hip Flask - 37366108 Review

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today we're showing you this hip flask from GSI. Now, right away I want to show you the shape of it. It's not this thick rectangle or brick. It's a nice contour here. Perfect for putting in your pocket.

Because I don't know about you, but I like taking mine to the movies with me to enhance that $20 soda I buy. So, let's look how it looks in the pocket. Looks no different than a normal wallet or a cell phone. Nobody's going to look twice at it. Here's from the side.

Again, it looks no different to those items. You'll be fine.Now, I want to show you the cap. It's got a nice grip on it. That's good for making sure the lids on there tight because if you put it in your pocket sideways or goofy, it's going to spill out, and then your pocket's going to smell like whiskey and that's no good. And also, once you unscrew the cap, you can see it has a strap that permanently has this attached to it.

That's great. So, you can't lose the cap and then this flask is useless. But the other good thing is this isn't made of metal. One of the ones I have at home, this strap here is metal, so when you go to fill up your soda in the movie theater, it's going to clang against the side of the flask constantly. And that's not very stealthy.Another awesome thing is the mouth or the top of it.

It's got a nice wide mouth. The one I have at home is smaller. I have to find a funnel to fill it up, which is a huge pain because I don't know which one it is. The opening's so small that it's got to be a specific one. I can never find it. It's a whole thing. This one's got a nice wide mouth, like I said. It's easy, you can pour it straight from the bottle. I'm going to demonstrate with this water. And yes, it is water. Fills up, no problem. Put this back on tight.I'm going to show you the nice bag it comes with, if you want to keep it classy. It's made out of microfiber so you can also clean your glasses with it. This fits in there like that. That way you've covered up all the metal or you can hang it on your backpack or something while you're hiking. Plus like I said, it looks classy.Now I'm going to show you the measurements of it. This is the eight-ounce version of it. There's a six-ounce version too. But eight ounces is about five shots. So, that's pretty good. It measures four inches wide and six inches tall. Pocket size.That about does it for the hip flask from GSI. Have a good one..

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