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Review of GSI Outdoors Camping Kitchen - Pinnacle Pro 2 Burner Compact Camp Stove - GSI33RV

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GSI Outdoors Camping Kitchen - Pinnacle Pro 2 Burner Compact Camp Stove - GSI33RV Review

Hi everybody. My name is Andy with And today, we're taking a look at this GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro camp stove. Now, this durable and lightweight camp stove is gonna be perfect for cooking at your campsite for your family and friends, or even tailgating at the next football game. Let's take a look at the stove together. Now, this stove utilizes a unique space-efficient design, allowing it to automatically expand upon opening and become compact when closing.

While it's closed, let me go ahead and give you some measurements. The overall height while it's closed, we're sitting in about 1 3/8 inches tall. And then in regards to how deep it is, let me pull out my tape measure here. We are gonna be sitting right at about 12 1/2 inches deep. And then let me go ahead and turn this around and measure the width for you while it's closed.

We're gonna be sitting right at 20 inches wide. And by the way, this stove weighs about 11 pounds. And to go ahead and open this, I'm gonna walk you through those steps. It is recommended that you flip this over on to its top. And then begin by opening the stainless steel legs and locking them into place.

And let me go ahead and just tilt this a little bit to show you how that's done. So, this is what the leg looks like when it is folded in. And then you just give it a slight pull to unlock it, and then that leg locks into place. So, our legs are open. And it is, it is also recommended at this point to open up the fuel door and attach the fuel line assembly, and this fuel line assembly is included with the stove.

So, it's easy enough. You just begin to secure it and make it finger tight, and then this is ready to go. Now, for the purpose of my demonstration of this stove, I am going to remove this fuel line assembly just to make this easier to move around for you. So, once you have that attached, then you would just flip this back over. Let me go ahead and flip this over. Put it on its legs. And then the next step is to open up this stainless steel cover, and then to unfold the stainless steel wind screens. And then these wind screens are going to lock into place in a slot that is right here in the drip tray. So, I am going to secure those into place. So, this tray is, this lid is secure and it is not going to fold down. And the wind screens are secure. I do wanna mention that this is lock, the lid is locked into place with this locking mechanism here. And to release that, you would just push that button, and then that would allow you to close it after you fold in the wind screens. But so, we are now locked into place. And then once your stove is open, you would just want to go ahead and begin by attaching the regulator to your propane cylinder. By the way, this regulator is pre-tuned, it does not need adjustment. And then once you have that attached, you would just turn your knob, adjustment knob about a half a turn counterclockwise to open up the gas flow. And then you would just then press the piezo igniter button, and that would go ahead and get your burners ignited. Now, this does have a foldaway pot support to allow you easy cleaning. So, let me go ahead and show you how you can do that. You would just pull back on this lid, and then take a firm grip of the pot holder stand, and just unhook it from the latches in the lid. And then I'm gonna press this cover lock button to let that go all the way down. And let me just show you the inside there. You see that you have two 11,000 BTU high efficiency burners. Those are going to allow you to cook your food quickly and efficiently while using less fuel. And this is going to clean up easily with very little water because of this nonstick drip tray. So, this is gonna be an easy cleanup, and allow you easy access with this pot support being able to fold away. So now, I am going to put this back into place. And as you could hear that locked into position, and then I am just gonna push against this cover, and then lock this into those clips. And this is where they lock into place right there. Now, while this is open, let me go ahead and give you some measurements here. I'm gonna begin by measuring the height of this. The over and, and I'm gonna start from the surface that is going to be sitting on. So, measuring from the surface that the legs are sitting on, we are looking at right about, right about 15 1/2 inches tall. And then in regards to how deep this is, we are gonna be sitting, overall depth of about 12 3/4 quarters inches deep, almost 13 inches deep. And then looking at how wide this is while this is open, think the best way to measure the width while it's open is to measure leg to leg. That's gonna be the widest point. So, measuring leg to leg, we're gonna be sitting right at 21 inches wide. Maybe just a little bit more, about 21 inches wide leg to leg. And then if you're interested in knowing what that cooking surface measures, the pot support, we're gonna be looking right at about 18 3/8 inches across. Now, let me go ahead and walk you through the steps on how to close this. I'm gonna give you one final look there at the inside. You obviously wanna make sure that your stove is nice and cool. Now, I am gonna go ahead and begin to lift up the wind screens from the slots here. These will slide up and then just fold inside the door. And then we don't wanna forget about our cover lock button. Push that down and that will easily close. And then the legs will just lift up ever so slightly and then fold into place. Now, this stove does have a limited lifetime warranty. And the one pound fuel canister or the liquid propane tanks with adapter are sold separately. We do have an adapter hose for this. If you would like to check that out on our website, that's item number GSI84EV. And I would also recommend taking a look at the carry bag that GSI made specifically for this stove. It's not only gonna make this easier to carry, but also protect it as well. You can find that on our website, item number GSI86EV. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today at this GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro camp stove. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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Steve G.
Hello; Can I hook this up to my RV Propane. Regulator at 20 lb tank. Thanks
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

Any propane appliance needs one, and only one, propane regulator. Appliances will not work correctly with the wrong regulation. This GSI # GSI33RV stove has a built in regulator. If you get your gas directly from your camper before the regulator, then yes this will work. If your camper gas supply is after the regulator, then this will stove will not work. If you need to tap into your propane supply before the camper regulator you can use the Camco # CAM59125 Tee with ports.

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