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Review of GSI Outdoors Camping Kitchen - Pinnacle Dualist Cookware - 37350248

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GSI Outdoors Camping Kitchen - Pinnacle Dualist Cookware - 37350248 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a look at the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Cook Set. This is a nice compact cook set to help you save some space, but still have all the essentials while you're out on the campsite, maybe you're taking it with you in your RV, or really anywhere that you want to have all this stuff. So, first things first, it's going to come in a little carrying case, that's also going to function as a nice sink so we can wash up once we're done with all our dishes. It's got a draw a string up here at the top, so let's just open it up and pull out all our items.So you can see that this sack sits up on its own. It does have material in there that's going to be waterproof. So that holds water so you can wash up things, wash your hands, get everything cleaned up, and then have that ready to go to stuff everything back into.

So it's pretty nice. It is nice and flexible as well. And I like that this also holds its shape just because of the material that's inside there that's welded together, it's going to hold up so even when you have water in there, it's not going to flop around, it's going to stay in that shape. Okay, moving on to the cooking pot. You can see see that handle also acts as a way to keep everything together.

So it keeps all your items from coming apart, holds them all together. To open it up, you just pinch those two wires and that releases it down.And then you just have to get that little guy to snap into place in that closure. The lid, pretty self explanatory, but it does have some straining holes, so you can strain out the water, maybe if you've cooked some rice or pasta or something like that. So we can set that off to the side. I'm also going to set this bag to the side for now.

Inside our cooking pot, we'll have the other components of our kit. Let's talk about the cooking pot first though. This has a Teflon interior so that's going to be nonstick and it also has radiance technology, and basically that just means that it helps to distribute the heat more evenly and keeps it from getting any one hot spot so that it's not going to just burn everything in the middle, it's going to help to keep it from any issues like that.Something I also like about this pot is that, it's hard for you guys to see, but stamped into the metal there are some measurements, so you can measure out up to 48 fluid ounces or up to 150 milliliters of water or anything else. And it also goes down to 40 ounces, 32, 24, 16 and eight. So that goes in cup increments up to, believe that is six cups.

So six cups total that can be held by this pot. It also has a little spout there, so you can drain things off. Moving on, we've got our two containers here. These are going to be our bowls and they also call it a cup. I really would think of this as more like a sipping bowl. Just the shape of it doesn't really make me think of a cup, but that being said, semantics. It does have this little insulated sleeve to help protect your hands from getting too hot.It also helps to keep whatever you have in here insulated, so if it's a hot item, like maybe some coffee, it's going to keep that warm. And then it also has the snap on lid with a little spout there so you can sip from that. So that's why it's called a cup, because this is going to be a sip bowl cup. Also has a little hole there so it's going to help the air to come in as the water gets displaced. And then we still have our bowl, so we can have our soup, our rice, or whatever we've made. There's also measurements printed on the inside, or stamped into the bowl as well. Those are going to be really hard for you guys to see, they're small, but it goes up to 20 fluid ounces. So a little over two cups, and then it goes down 16 ounces, 12 ounces, eight ounces, four ounces.And then it's also printed in milliliters, we've got 500 milliliters up at the top and then it goes down in 100 milliliter increments. Also inside we'll have our little foon, so spork, or spoon and a fork combined into one. As you can see that just folds easily up whenever you're not using it, stashes inside that bowl. And then to get it to be stable, you just push that clip up until it snaps into place. That's going to be the same thing for this kit as well. It comes with the same exact thing. Just one is blue, the other is orange. So pretty straightforward. You can also stash a stove and gas container inside here. If you put those two spoons in one container and empty it out, one of the stoves will fit into the other bowl. It does not come with those, but it is an option for you to get here at We do have those available as well from GSI. So it all inaudible 00:05:20 stash right in here and be nice and compact.So pretty nice overall, I think this is a really clever way to have the essentials with you wherever you want to be, whether that's out in the mountains, way off the grid, or you just want to have a fun space saving way of having all those essentials in your RV, your Airstream, or anywhere else. This weighs a total of 20.8 ounces, so just over a pound about a pound and a quarter, pretty lightweight for all this stuff, serves two people, has a limited lifetime warranty and that's really about all there is to it for our look at the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Cook Set. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right cook set for you. We do have some other options available here if you want to check those out, as well as all the other GSI stuff. So thanks for watching and happy trails.

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