GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories - Truck Bed Cargo Camera - 3460015 Review

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Review of GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories 3460015

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the truck bed cargo camera for factory monitors. This fits certain years and models of the Ram and Dodge Ram trucks. To ensure that it is a fit for your vehicle you can use the vehicle fit guide located at etrailer.com. This unit replaces the existing third brake light on your truck. You still have all the functions available that you did have but now you've added a camera to the brake light assembly.This is a custom fit design so it maintains the factory or OEM look. Has a nice gasket here on the back and the mount holes and everything match up perfectly so it's still going to look factory or OEM but it has this integrated Camera right here so you can see what's going on in your cargo area.

It integrates into your vehicles wiring and your factory monitor. Comes with all the necessary wiring, connectors. The plug and play instillation meaning that all the connectors are custom fit to work with the connectors located on your vehicle.Now when the camera is triggered you'll be able to monitor the cargo area of your truck or your truck bed. This is perfect for if you have a fifth wheel hitch or goose neck. Really helps make it easy or at least make it easier when you're connecting to your trailer.

You can also see just what's going on in the bed of your truck at any time.It includes a switch located right here. This is a switch kit to turn the camera on and off which allows you to toggle between multiple cameras so you can easily do your cargo camera whenever you want or back up camera while in reverse. It comes with all the necessary wiring for the installation and again it is a plug and play instillation. The camera itself right here, you can pivot that a little bit to adjust the angle and get the angle you need for your particular application. That's going to do it for today's look at the truck bed cargo camera for factory monitors..

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