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GCH Automotive Car Audio - Remote Phone Access - 3460020 Review

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Review of GCH Automotive Car Audio 3460020

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Auto-Play Remote Phone Access for Aftermarket Monitor. Now this allows you to have remote access to your iPhone using this system. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your iPhone into your vehicle's control. You can have this remote dial box to flip through the apps on your iPhone, select with that button there. You just have to turn the dial to flip through those apps and select which one you want. This is going to be the control unit for our system, so everything's going to run through this.

We'll also have a microphone so that we can use voice activation with our iPhone as well. That just plugs into our wiring bundle.Then there's also a USB extension cord here. There is a USB connection on the back of the box, but you can extend that out using the port here, so it's a little easier to get that run to your iPhone or whatever else you would like to plug into this using the USB. It doesn't come with a USB cable to connect to your device, so you will have to provide that separately. But we'll have the rest of this wiring bundle to connect to our remote dial as well as to the control box.

Then we'll have the RCA cables to connect to our monitor. Now the monitor is sold separately as well. Then these three wire connections will have to be hooked up to power and ground. There's also a small piece of double-sided foam tape so we can get our dial mounted up somewhere where we can reach it in our vehicle.That's going to do it for our look at the Auto-Play Remote Phone Access for Aftermarket Monitor.