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Review of Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - Oven - FR74PR

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Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - Oven - FR74PR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Furrion RV stainless steel electric wall oven with the LED display and the manual control knobs. Now, this is a nice built-in 120 volt AC electric wall oven that'll provide all you need to cook a nice quality meal in your RV kitchen. It offers a powerful 1400 watt output. The oven capacity on the inside here is gonna be two cubic feet. And basically that'll measure out to 19 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and about 15 inches deep.

Now, just for comparison, the oven compartment on a typical home range is about five cubic feet, compared to just over three cubic feet on a typical home wall oven. So, this RV wall oven will get you about two cubic feet of cooking area. I'm going to zoom in and get a closure look here. Basically, they use a nice high-grade, brushed stainless steel finish on it. Has an LED digital display right in the middle here.

Manual thermostat knob over here and then an oven control knob here. We're gonna go through all of these just to show you different features. We'll start on the oven control knob right there. Basically, with it in the 12 o'clock position, you can see the F, Furrion is straight up, that's in the off position. If we turn it to the first one, you'll hear the beep and basically it'll get you an oven light if we open that up, you'll see the oven light comes on.

If you notice the knob lights, you got the blue ring around the knob lights to lgiht it up and then the LED display. What I'm gonna do is turn off the overhead lights, just to give you an idea of what it would look like in the nighttime. And there again, you see all your lights on. Turn back on our lights. Now, if we go to the next on the other control knob, the next one down there, just shows you a row of dots at the top and what that's telling you is when you go down to there, that means the heating element will be on then.

And then if you go to the next one, it has that row of dots, which means the heating elements on but it also turns on the fan. There's a fan at the very back there that'll start, that'll circulate the air around for cooking. And then the last square right here if you turn it to that, it should sort shows a snowflake. That's the defrost position. That means there's no heating, just the fan will be moving, so you can put something in there to defrost it. Over here at the oven thermostat knob, that's gonna range from 350 degrees up to 75 degrees. And in the very middle, you can see the LED display. That's gonna have a clock/timer button right down here, so that's gonna allow you to push it and then you can set the clock to whatever time you want. And then if you push the timer, it goes to zero, and then you can push the timer whatever you need to. Has a plus/minus button here, so when you do the timer, and then you can click the timer on and off using this button right up here. Zoom back out. Now, I did mention, this will give you electric heat, with a fan assist. This provides a more consistent and even cooking experience. Does also come with these two adjustable oven racks that you can lift up and remove completely if you need to. Also comes with this nice drip tray and this drip tray, you can put under whatever rack you're cooking on and to keep anything from dripping down collected from getting onto your bottom of your oven. It has a nice three layer glass oven door on this. If you notice on the inside, it's a oven interior black enamel, non-stick coating, easy to clean. And as we mentioned, this oven is designed for RV use, so it is tested for extreme climates. They do a climate smart test on this, which will keep the wall oven running no matter the weather. And they do a vibration smart test on this, which will keep the oven resist vibration. A few specs on this. I'm gonna give you first, let's go ahead and turn back off our, but I'll give you some overall dimensions and some cut out dimensions. So, overall dimensions, we're gonna measure overall width from this side to this side. The front is gonna be the widest, or the largest area. So, if we put our ruler on that, it's gonna be right at 24 3/4 inches wide. The height of it from the very bottom to the very top is right at 21 inches tall, and the total depth, and when I do the depth, I am gonna include the handle all the way to this part. So, it's the whole depth itself, and that's gonna be right at 23 3/16th inches deep. Now, the cut out dimension, in other words, the dimensions that this is gonna fit into in the wall. Again, this is gonna be 23 1/2 inches wide, 20 1/2 inches tall, and you want a minimum depth of at least 16 1/8th inches. Those are your cut out dimensions. Total weight on this oven is about 65 pounds. We mention he power input is 120 volts AC, power output of 1400 watts. Now, it does come with this nice instruction manual also, and it's a thick manual that'll describe how this all hook up, how it installs, and how it operates. But that should it for the review on this Furrion RV, stainless steel, electric wall oven with the LED display and manual control knobs..

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