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Review of Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - Cooktop - FGH3Z25BL

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Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - Cooktop - FGH3Z25BL Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we'll take a look at Furrion RV Propane-Triple Burner-Cooktop with the Glass Cover. Now this cooktop has this hinged glass cover here, and then underneath is three burners for cooking on the go. You can cook, fry, and grill while you're on the road in your RV. And it does require propane fuel for operation. I spin it to the back here, right on the end.

You can see here as a connection that your propane connector would connect to. On the very front you can see it has the control knobs. It has one cooktop ignition knob right here, and then three burner knobs. There's two burners in the back and one in front. It does offer led backlighting around those knobs so that you can see in the dark how the knob operates and where it's at and you just operate it.You can illuminate the knobs with the push of a lighting button right over here.

So, what I'm going to do right now on the very back, you can see there's a black and white 12 volt wire. So if we hook up power to that, and then I'll just show you how the led lights look. So, we go ahead and hook up our two wires. And with them hooked up, you'll be able to see just by pushing this button, the lights will come on. I'm going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights and you can see better with the lights off.

And if you push that button, they go off. If you push it on and a light it up and you'll be able to read the knobs when its dark. And you push that button off now. We'll go ahead and turn back on overhead lights.Now, this is a pulse ignition which means you light the burners using this main electronic ignition knob right here. Or you can even light it with a match if you prefer.

But the electronic ignition is nice because what you'll do is, pick which burner knob you want on. So, this knob here is for the back one here, this one's for the front, that one's for the further back one. It'll say off on all these, which you need to do to start it, just push in on it and turn it to where the flame shows. And now it's ready to ignite. And then you just turn the ignition knob. And you just keep turning it clockwise until the flame will ignite. Once it ignites, then you can turn it to how higher or lower flame you want. And then to turn it off, just turn it all the way and it'll pop out and lock into place.And you'll do that with each knob to turn on whichever burner you need. And you'll do them one at a time. Now, we've mentioned this 2-pieced hinge glass cover you can see right here. What's nice about this, when they're not being used, you can just close it and it will protect the burners. But when you're cooking, what you can do is fold it. It's two pieces it'll fold up and then fold all the way back. And it gives you a backsplash here to help protect any grease or anything from splattering on the back. It does have a nice wire grate and an enamel tray fits over the top of the burners. And that's great we'll lift off pretty easily for easy cleaning. But what's really nice about it, pops out and then you can clean. But when you go to put it in, it uses these rubber openings here.So, when you're actually putting your wire tray into those rubber openings, and you push down holds it into place, but because it's in rubber, it's nice. It prevents any rattling while your vehicle's in motion. So you just push it down into those rubber openings. If you see on the side, it's a nice brushed stainless steel construction, resist vibration, extreme temperatures, and you can see the front face is black, cooktop is black, the grate is black, and even the hinge cover has a black tint to it.How to install it, it is a drop-in mounting. You set the cooktop flush with your countertop. Now the hardware to include it is not, or the hardware installed is not included. On the installation instructions they give you, it will list the cutout dimensions here that are needed, but basically what the dimensions are. You'll need a cutout of 20 and one eighths inches wide, 17 and three quarter inches depth, and about a height of four and one sixteenth inches tall.And again, they're all listed here on the cutout dimensions. Do you specs on this, the inputs as has the electrical back here, we showed you, 12 Volt DC for the lights, over here is the connection for your propane. Outputs, the two back burners will be 8,000 BTUs, oh I'm sorry, the two back burners are 6,500 BTU's the front burner is a higher 8,000 BTU. Temperature range will be 325 degrees fahrenheit to 475 degrees fahrenheit.Does come with a nice instruction manual. That'll describe how it operates, how all your connections are made, how it installs. And the last thing, I just want to give you some overall dimensions. So, the overall width from one end to the other is 21 and seven sixteenths inches wide. The depth from the front of the knobs to the very back is 21 and one eighths inches. And the overall height is going to be right at four and three sixteenth inches tall. But again, we have it all closed here. Here the grate is covered. If you flip it open, just like that, now you can operate your knobs to control your flame. Then when you're done, you can just flip the cover back over, it holds it into place. And that should do it for the review on the Furrion RV Propane-Triple Burner-Cooktop with Glass Cover.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Charles S.

nice video on the range. What i need to have is the replacement of the glass cover. Where can i go without going to a dealer.??

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@CharlesS The glass cover only comes as an assembly with the stainless steel top, part # C-FSRE21SA-SS-003 I have also attached links to other parts availble for this range.