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Review of Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - 21 Tall Stainless Steel RV Range Oven - FR97KR

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Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - 21 Tall Stainless Steel RV Range Oven - FR97KR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a look at this Furrion 21 inch tall, 2-in-1 stainless steel range oven. This is a propane powered oven that will allow you to use your RV's propane system to cook, bake, fry, and grill your meals in your RV's kitchen. On the top we do have a two-piece hinged glass cover that's going to protect our burners when we're not using them. This will also serve as a surface area for us if we're making a meal that doesn't require the burners or just extra counter space in our close quarters of our RV kitchen. When we're ready to use it we can just simply pull this front portion back.

It will hinge open, and then will tilt back to provide a back splash for us so we don't have to worry about grease splashing back or any other splashes getting on our RV's wall. It's going to hit that glass where it will be much easier to clean off. On the inside, we are going to have our three burners for cooking on the go. Our heat output for our front burner is going to be 8000 BTU's, and then we have our rear left and right burners. These are both going to have a heat output of 6,500 BTU's each.

So there going to do a good job of heating up our food. You can see we do have this die-cast grate here that's going to keep our pots and pans off of our burner. This can be removed if we want to clean out the enamel tray underneath. Get all those crumbs and anything that drops through the grate there. Very easy to do.

You can see these rubber pads that we have along that sides. That's where our grate is going to fit back in. And those rubber pads help to prevent any rattling as we're going down the road. Make sure that we're going to have a nice comfy fit. You probably won't have to do it too frequently, but if you do feel like doing some deep cleaning, you can also pop this whole top off, so just lifting up on the backside on both sides, will allow you to lift this full portion off so that you can get in there and vacuum out any crumbs that may have slipped through the burner openings.

And then just line it back up, and click it into place, and you're ready to go again. On the front side, we do have our burner ignition knobs, and control knobs. These are going to be our pulse ignition lights, and that's going to ignite your burners with an electric ignition, or you can use a traditional match if you prefer. This does have a safety cut-off valve that's automatically going to cut the gas off if the burners won't light. So, in addition to our cooktop ignition knob, we also have our three burner knobs, and our oven ignition knob. These do have a LED backlight to them. So we can turn that on, it's going to help us see our knobs if we are cooking early in the morning, or in a low-light situation. But these also have the additional purpose that they are blue when the gas is not flowing, but they will turn red when the gas is flowing. So just another way of giving us an extra safety feature there, to make sure to always know when the gas is present. On the inside, or on the oven portion, we are going to have a three layer glass door. It's going to insure that our door isn't going to crack from the heat. We open it up and we've got our 0.64 cubit feet capacity oven. So it's definitely not as big as what you're probably used to at home, but it is smaller quarters for your RV's kitchen. This is going to be 17 inches wide by about 9 inches from the top here down to our static tray, and then about 14 inches deep, so keep that in mind, make sure that whatever you're planning on cooking is going to fit in there. We do have this static shelf here, this is- our burner is underneath here, and that's going to help dissipate the flames, kinda spread it out. So that is steady, but you can move the tray to different height settings. When you have it at its lowest setting here it's going to about 7 3/4 of an inch clearance from the top there. Our bottom portion can be used as a broiler, so the flames will heat it up, but you're not going to have a whole lot of room down there. It's only about 3 3/8 of an inch on the sides where our burner is you're only going to have about 2 inches of clearance. That oven burner is going to have a heat output of 7100 BTU, so it is going to get very hot. Keep in mind when you're cooking in your RV's oven, it is a much smaller space, so it is going to heat up faster. They do have a reputation of cooking a little hotter, so keep that in mind- adjust your cooking temperatures. Back at the top here, where we have our light for our knobs, you can also turn that off, or we can turn it to this lower setting and that's going to not only light up our knobs, but also the lights on the inside there, so we can see how our food is cooking and that sort of thing. This does have a brushed stainless steel construction. So it's going to resist vibration and extreme temperatures. It's going to hold up really well in our RV environment. This does meet the certifications that you see on the screen there, so you can trust that it is going to be safe for you to put in your RV. It's going to hold up well. It's not going to create a safety danger for you. And as far as our overall measurements, to make sure that this will fit in your cook space, this is right about 21 1/2 inches wide, it is 20 1/8 of an inch tall. Now that is a little bit shorter than the advertised 21 inches, but that will give you just a little bit of a drop, so it should still match up with your 21 inch tall cabinets and that sort of thing for your opening there. And then as far as our depth goes, I will turn this to the side so you can kind of see that a little bit better. We are going to have a couple different measurements. So from the backside of our top here up to our door, it's right at 19 3/4 of an inch, so just shy of 20 inches. And then if we measure out to our handle, it's right at 21 1/2 inches. You can see we do have these little handles on the side here, that's going to make it easier for us to lift up and put in place. On the backside we're going to have our gas inlet port there. And then our 12 volt connection to get those lights operational and for that electric ignition for our burners and such. So overall, I'd say this is going to be a really nice option for you if you are looking to replace or add a oven and a range for your RV. This is going to do a good job of allowing you to cook up those meals so you can enjoy some tasty food while you're out and about. So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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