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Review of Furrion RV Range Hoods - Standard Range Hood - FHO23SACRVBL

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Furrion RV Range Hoods - Standard Range Hood - FHO23SACRVBL Review

Today we're taking a look at a Furrion Range Hood. This range hood is designed to ventilate smoke, remove odors, and provide additional lighting while cooking in your RV.When you're installing something in an RV, you wanna make sure that it's going to be able to withstand the movement that takes place in an RV, all the vibration just from traveling, as well as all different kinds of temperatures that you might experience, whether you're actually out using your RV or whether it's in storage. So this has been designed and engineered with climate smart technology as well as vibration smart technology.Climate smart keeps the range hood running even in the most extreme climates, and vibration smart technology helps the range hood resist vibrations. All the little pieces internally are reinforced the way that they're all put together to withstand the vibrations that come from traveling.You can see here on the front, this is the portion that would be visible, as well as the bottom, and I'll show you that in a moment. On this side we have our two buttons, one controls the fan, they're just push buttons, and the other one controls the LED lighting on the bottom. So I'll flip this over.This right here is the LED light lens.

We have this panel right here that can be removed, we have clips that we pull in and that disengages the panel. On the reverse side of the panel is a removable and cleanable filter, which is this portion right here. And then we have our 12-volt fan.This unit's made from a durable metal construction. It's black in color. When it comes to the wiring it's a two-wire design, so you have one wire for power and one wire for ground.

It's CSA certified. Installation hardware is included.When it comes to the overall measurements, going edge to edge this direction gives us a measurement of about 23 1/2 inches. The overall depth . Straighten it out as if it we're installed. Overall it actually ends up measuring closer to 17 3/4 inches, and that measurement does account for how far the buttons stick out as well, from the very, very front of the unit to the very back of the unit is about 17 3/4 inches deep.

The overall height at the tallest point, which is here at the back, is about 4 3/4 inches tall.Rating voltage is 12 volts DC, the rating power overall is 12 watts, and then one watt for the LED. That 21-volt fan has a capacity of 100 CFM, that's cubic feet per minute of airflow. The internal wire temperature rating is 105, and the noise is less than 52 decibels.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Furrion Range Hood.

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