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Review of Furrion Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - FBS012NVPPS

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Furrion Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - FBS012NVPPS Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Furrion LIT Waterproof and Bluetooth Portable Speaker with the Adventure Pack. Now this is a nice compact portable speaker to let you take your music with you. It includes everything shown here on the table, includes the Bluetooth speaker, the USB charging cable, and a nice owner's manual to describe how to operate it. It also includes an Adventure Pack which is these three parts right here. These will give you multiple mounting and carrying options.We'll start with this one right here, this is an ABS thermoplastic polymer bike and rail mount, provides a nice hands-free option to taking your music on the trail. You can see it has a screw right there that you can screw into the bottom of the speaker.

And you just snug it up and now you can clamp it to your bike or wherever you need be. And you can also, if you need to go inside for a minute, you can take the speaker off, just pull that lever and it'll remove it from the mount and this stays on your bike. And then when you come back on, just hook it right back up, let the lever go, and it's locked into place. Simple as that.Now the other mount is the one in the middle, here. This is a neoprene hand/rail strap, it'll let you keep your speaker handy while you're hiking.

Take this loop here, put it around the metal ring on the very end here, attach it to your speaker, and then you have the padded area right here you can see. You can put that around your wrist if you like and it's all hook and loop. So if you get it around your wrist and then hook and loop it, your speaker could hang from your wrist as you're hiking.And the last option would be this one here, this is a 36 inch long hook and loop strap, has a plastic ring on the end, provides more flexibility for mounting your LIT speaker. The complete strap is a hook and loop fastener. So you could just run it through that ring and attach it to wherever you need be.Now this speaker will connect to your phone using Bluetooth or NFC.

It has a rugged design, it is waterproof, shockproof, and sandproof. And it is also submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes. If you notice on this end, you have a built-in flashlight and this light will also serve as an SOS signal in emergency situations.First, I want to show you the flashlight. So without even turning the speaker on, you can use it as a flashlight. If you just push this button, you can see it comes on as a flashlight, it's a very bright light.

And then just push it again to turn it off. Now, if you want to use it for an SOS signal, basically turn the power on, here's your power button here. Power on. And you'll hear it'll say, "Power on." And it'll even light up, there's five lights here that will light up to tell you how much power your battery's remaining in your speaker. Now with the power on, if you hold the same button down that you used as the flashlight for a few seconds, you notice the light will come on but then it's going to flash. About every two seconds it'll flash and give you the SOS signal. And then they also offer an SOS siren. Now, I do want to warn you the siren is very loud but I am going to press it just to show you what it's like and then we'll shut it back off. But there's a triangle button, there. So if we just push that button, you can hear that siren beeps to the light flashing. And then if you just push that button, it'll turn it off. And then to completely turn the light off, just hold that flashlight button down for a few seconds and it'll turn the complete thing off. And also, this speaker will automatically turn off after a period of inactivity.Now, you can pair two speakers together to create a stereo. Of course, additional speakers we do sell separately. The indicator lights I mentioned here, there's five of them, this'll let you know how much power is left in the battery of this speaker. One light, right And you can test it by just pushing that power button, you're seeing it's showing three lights. Three lights would mean 40 to 60%. But basically, if you have all five, that's a full charge, that's 80 to 100% power. Four lights would be 60 to 80%, three lights would be 40 to 60%, two lights showing would be 20 to 40, and one light is 0 to 20 so you'd better make sure to charge it.The control button's right up here, the power button we mentioned right here, this'll remain light while you're charging it. The up and down or increase and decrease buttons allow you to control the volume. You can also use them as playback and pause button to let you start and stop the music from the speaker. On this end, you can see there's a nice rubber cover here that'll protect different ports and a reset button. If you open that cover, you can see at the very top, there's a 3.5 millimeter aux connection port. Right under that is a USB port type A, underneath that is a built-in micro USB port, and there's a little bitty button that says reset. If you need to ever reset that, you just put a little pin in there to reset it. Has the metal ring here, we had mentioned, that you can hook to your straps.The speaker's white in color, battery capacity is 7.4 volts, rated power is 10 watts by 2 RMS, flashlight, the light it gives off is 500 lumens, Bluetooth transmitter frequency range is 2.4 gigahertz, the Bluetooth range on this is about 33 feet, waterproof level is IPX67 or IPX7. And the last thing I want to give you is the dimension of the speaker itself. So the overall length on the speaker, one end to the other, is right at 7 and 11/16 inches long. Total width at the widest point, which is the base, is right at 2 and 15/16, almost 3 inches. And the overall height on this is going to be right at 2 and 3/8 inches tall.But that should do it for the review on the Furrion LIT Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker with the Adventure Pack.

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