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Furrion Boat Accessories - Marine Power - FP5055SY Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Furrion Marine power cord adapter. It's a 50 amp, 125 volt female connector to a 50 amp, 125-250 volt male plug. Now, these pigtail adapters are used to convert plug sizes from the dock side outlet. The locking female connector right here will connect to a 125 volt, 50 amp power end lid on your boat. And, over here, the locking male plug will connect to a 125-250 volt, 50 amp dock side power outlet.Does use the stainless steel threaded ring here and the sealing collar on the female connector for a nice weather-proof connection. You can see the collar right here.

If you take this ring off, put it onto where you're plugging it into, and what you can do is once you plug the two into each other, and you can just use that threaded portion. That'll give you a nice weather-proof seal.Once we get it started there, you can see I'll tighten it up that way and this will be on the plug that you plugged it into, and you can just tighten both of them together. Once they're plugged in and then you tighten that up, it'll give you a nice seal.Now, they do use power smart LED's on both plugs right here to indicate when the power is present and active. It's a nice, bright blue LED, so as soon as you plug it in, it'll show you right away if there's power there.Both plug ends have these nice side grips on them for easy user friendly connection. Easy to plug in.

Easy to remove. This whole cord is a heavy duty marine grade construction. It is a universal fit with all other brands. You can see it's nice yellow color for visibility. Does have this protective cap that you can put over the female end there.

Protect when it's not plugged in, protect it from any damage or from the elements. It does come with this nice zippered weather-proof storage bag and cable strap included.Amperage on this female is 50 amps. The male is 50 amps. Voltage is a 125-250 volts. Then again, just to show you we can put the strap around it to hook the connector to keep it together.

Once it keeps it together, you can open up your storage bag. Has a nice heavy duty zipper on it. Open that up, drop your complete pigtail connector in there, zip it closed, put your handle back together, and then just like that you're all ready to go, all stored away and easy to carry.But, that should do it for the review on the Furrion Marine power cord adapter 50 amp, 125 volt female to 50 amp 125-250 volt male.

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