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Furrion Boat Accessories - Marine Power - F30ITSGS Review

Today I'll be taking a look at the Furrion Marine Power Inlet. This allows us to connect to a 30 amp, Sure Power Plug. That cord is sold separately. You can find a lot of options here at It has a universal fit, so it'll work with other brands besides Furion. You'll just plug that in.

We have our threads on the side to make sure that we have a good, strong connection between our inlet and the power cord itself. The plug overall is made of some durable material. It's a fiber-filled polyester, outer casing. So it's going to be very durable, heavy-duty material, resists any cracking or fading from sunlight. So that's an important factor since we'll be outside with our plug.

It's going to be out in the elements so we want it to be heavy duty and then this plate here, the logo plate is made of a 316 stainless steel.Inside our pins are made of a nickel-plated brass. So those should resist corrosion pretty well. Again, important since it's going to be outside in the elements. And as you can see, we'll have a nice solid lid there, holds pretty tightly and then you can open it up pretty easily. There's a little cushion on the top or on the lid itself to provide a water-tight seal whenever this is closed up, that goes around our inlet to keep out any dirt or moisture that can cause corrosion as well.It is a bolt-on application.

You'll see on the back, we'll have our holes there to put our hardware through. It does not come with the hardware for this, so you will have to pick some up on your own. But there is a foam gasket here. It's kind of a thick, thicker foam, so it's going to provide a water-tight seal for the back of our plug. So we don't have to worry about anything getting in to the back.It is tested to Marine UL Standards which is a third party company that Furrion will send off or other companies, any company can send off their product to, to have it tested.

So by it having that UL Listing, you know that it's going to be up to good standards there. It also is up to the CSA Standards, so it's just another company that will test products to make sure that they're up to snuff.We have our connections here to hold in our wiring, make sure everything stays right and tight. Comes in this gray color so it should match a lot of different boat finishes out there, any color scheme that you might have. In the back of this, we have this little connector that keeps our wiring safe. That does kind of open up to apply pressure to that. So you just want to make sure that, that seats in there, but once you have your wiring in, it shouldn't be hard to thread this back on there. And then our bare terminals are actually what's inside, so that's where we'll need to make all our connections.Overall dimensions for our plug or for our inlet. It'll be three-and-a-half inches wide, going from the outside of the lid there. And then four and 7/16th of an inch tall. So just under four-and-a-half inches tall. And it sits back about three and 7/8th of an inch deep, going from the outermost edge of our cover to the end of the plug and also giving you a little bit of room there. This works again with 30 amp cords, so we'll have 30 amps going through this and the voltage will be 125 volts. It does come with a five year warranty from Furrion. If we open up our cap, we look at the distance between our mounting holes. Center to center, it's about two and 7/16th of an inch or just under two-and-a-half inches apart. And that's the same going both directions.And that's going to do it for our look at the Furrion Marine Power Inlet for 30 amps. One last thing I do want to mention. This little portion on the top, that actually is a light that will come on whenever this has power running to it, so that let's you know that it's working properly.And now that'll do it for our look at the Furrion Marine Power Inlet.

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