Review of Furrion Battery Chargers - Power Center - FCVSWC42A

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Furrion Battery Chargers - Power Center - FCVSWC42A Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Furrion All-In-One Power Center. This is going to allow us to extend the life of our batteries and also make sure that they have a healthy lifespan. A lot of times whenever we discharge those batteries they can tend to build up a memory, or our batteries just never really get fully charged. This is going to monitor those batteries, make sure that they always have a full charge and adjust the output to match with our battery's needs.It comes, as you see it here will have push-in cover so you can open that up, and then we'll have our fan to keep everything nice and cool. The wiring connection is up here at the top so we can get all our fuses put in. It comes with two fuses already installed, and then we'll also three slots for breaker attachments if we want to use those, as well.

It comes with a set of instructions and warranty card so we can get everything connected up.It has some protections to make sure that we don't have any issues, including over voltage protection and over current protection. It will also have short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, as well. It gives you protection from any kind of higher or lower DC voltage and also from any AC lower voltage, as well. It's going to auto select the type of battery. So, if you plug in a lithium-style battery it will automatically adjust for that.

If you want to use this for your Furrion Net-Zero Battery, which is sold separately, that part number is FBF12A100E. It does meet all UL standards and FCC Part 15B certification.When it comes to dimensions it's 11 and 7/8 inches long by about 8-1/2 inches tall, and then about 5-5/8 inches deep. It will have all our wiring come off the back with a clamp to keep everything nice and together. As far as the cutout dimensions inaudible 00:02:44 will need to fit into, the width is about 10/1/2 inches and then about 6-1/2 inches. That's going to do it for a look at the Furrion All-In-One Power Center..

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