Review of Furrion 12V Power Accessories - Device Charger - F12SB

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Furrion 12V Power Accessories - Device Charger - F12SB Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Furrion 12-Volt Dual USB Charger. Now this charger will provide two USB charging ports by connecting to your 12 volt power supply. It is a front installation, with the plastic mounting plate here, and it also can be rear mounted by using this included screw type locking ring on the back. The cap on this is a silicone cap. Has a nice water-tight seal on it when you push it in to close the USB port. It protects against any dust and moisture.

It's a heavy-duty Marine-grade construction, uses an engineered nylon body. UVS-resistant silicone cap and ring we mentioned, and has brass and nickel-plated terminals. It does have an illuminated USB power smart LED power indicator right there. There's a little blue LED light there, so when this .. you plug in your USB connection, that'll light up to show you that you do have power.This part is tested for UL and CUL standards.

Has a water-resistant rating of a IP55 rating. A few specs on this: the voltage is 12 volts D. Now, the maximum amperage and it's marked on the USB ports at 5 volts. The top one is 1 amp. At the bottom 5 volts, it's 2.1 amps.But that should do it for the review on the Furrion 12-Volt Dual USB Charger..

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