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Review of Fulton Trailer Jack F1413230134

Speaker: Today we're going to review part number F1413230134. This is the Fulton F2 Bolt On, Swing-Up Jack w/ the Pivoting Footplate. It is a sidewind design; has a 2,000 pound weight capacity. Now this Fulton Jack uses the adjustable mount and swivel system for easy lifting and transport. Basically, this mounting plate would get attached to your trailer frame and the nice feature about this is, if you notice this slot right up and down the whole jack here, you can unloosen this nut here and the one right here and you can actually move this mounting plate up or down; has about a range of 13", so that's a nice adjustable feature. And also this mounting plate will swivel into position with this easy-to-grip pull pin. In other words, if you pull on this pull pin, you can see how the plate would move and then locks in. So if you pull it, you can see, it'll lock into place.

Basically, this would be mounted onto trailer and what would be moving would actually be your jack, just like that. This jack is a maintenance-free construction. Up on the top here it has a sealed and lubricated, 1-piece gearbox, which eliminates your need for manual lubrication. Has a nice Anodized finish on both the inner and the outer extruded aluminum alloy tubes, this will help prevent rust, even in the harshest environments. If you notice the very bottom here, the footplate is a heavy-duty and then there's an articulating footplate, which works great if you're on uneven surfaces. Basically, when you screw that in, it works on a ball-and-socket connection between the jack and the footplate. It gives you ultimate adjustability and you can see as I move it here, you can see how that ball-and-socket will move in to all different positions. It has a nice round, cast base, which provides superior stability on the footplate.

If you notice the sidewind handle here, it's an ergonomic design; it's made of a strong plastic for durability and ease of use. Nice little feature they've added here on this jack, if you see this clip that you can flip up, it's called a handle hold-up feature and this will secure the handle to the jack tube when it's in a stowed position. Lots of times what should happen when you swing this jack parallel, when you're ready to tow and get on the road, your swinging your jack up out of the way, what will happen is if you notice, watch the handle, the handle will actually dropped down and hang down there; so what they've decided to do is when you flip up this handle hold-up feature, when you turn your jack to tow you'll see that the handle also stayed parallel with the jack. Very nice little feature there. Has the bolt-on mounting brackets; as you can see two different sizes here. They will bolt basically right on to here, just like that. They fit either the 3" x 4" trailer frame, going that way to the one on each side; or it will also fit the 3" x 5" frames going that way. It does have a lift height, the jack has a lift height of 10". And again, I had mentioned the bracket range adjustability, which means the swivel mount height adjustment can go up and down about 13" just by loosening these two knots. The footplate diameter, itself, is 7".

A pull pin right here on the side is a 9/16" standard pull pin and the jack has a static weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. But that should do it for the review on part numberF1413230134 - the Fulton F2 Bolt On, Swing-Up Jack w/ the Pivoting Footplate and the Sidewind Design. .

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